How To Make A Sunset Picture Interesting

sunset interesting

This may surprise some of you, but I'm not a huge fan of sunset pictures. Don't get me wrong, sunset is a great time to take pictures ... just not always of the sky. The thing is, it's not too hard to get the feeling that when you've seen one sunset picture, you've kind of seen them all. Even when I lived in paradise, getting a unique sunset picture was not always an easy task.

Alright then, so why did I post a picture of a sunset today?

Well, for my project365, I have a couple spots/objects/locations around the base that I pretty much know I'm going to get a shot of before I leave. This big gun was on my target list. The thing is, taking a picture of it during the day would have been sort of boring. It's just a big gun. But, catching it right at dusk, with some nice pink clouds in the background makes for a nice contrast. However, please imagine that that pink sky background just by itself, with nothing in the front of it ... yawn city huh?

So I've got two potentially boring subjects on their own, that when combine make for a somewhat interesting picture.

And that's one of the keys to making a sunset picture interesting ... make sure you have something good in the foreground. (I believe we discussed this same topic previously in How to take Fireworks Pictures). Beyond that, the other key to sunsets is under expose, over saturate (just a little), and be aware that days with lots of nice wispy high clouds will usually proceed picture worthy sunsets.

Ok, that's about what I've got for today. If you've taken any sunset pictures in the past (this should be everybody), what did you find that made it "special" for you?


p.s. If you've got a flickr link or something to your own favorite sunset pictures, feel free to share in the comments.


  1. Okay well first of all, I always love sunrise/sunset pics. Especially when the sky is pink or purple. There's something about seeing the sky those colors that makes me ridiculously happy, and even if the shot sucks, I'll still love it. But I'm a girl.

    NOW THEN... your pic is brilliant. Seriously, it better be up on flickr cuz I'm gonna track it down and fave it. The silhouette, the colors, the different lines in the sky... all just perfect. :)

  2. Hi Ari,

    I'm glad you liked the shot. And actually, it's funny you should come here to comment ... as I almost used your crystal ball shot as another example of cool ways to shoot sunsets.

    ... there, now I've used it ;-)

  3. Todd I will be brief today.

    Perfect-well done.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Oriental Magpie Robin Birds of Thailand Photo/Image =-.

  4. Ha ha well I appreciate the "almost" use of my pic as an example. :)

  5. Your photo paints a poetic picture: the war is drawing to a close.


  6. Hi Dad !!!

    Oh, I hadn't thought of that for naming the picture ... something like "sun setting on the Iraq war"

  7. Ari,

    ... actually, your pictures are a bit hard to share ... because of the @All Rights Reserved copyright, there's no embed code or download link ... and I can't even copy/paste from you flickr page.

    Your picture are so good, and I know you like people seeing them. You really should consider changing to one of the Creative Commons licenses ... Attribution/No Commercial would probably give you just as much "protection" as All Rights Reserved ... but would allow other people a way to share your pictures outside of flickr.

    Just a thought,

  8. well if my pics are so hard to share, how do people keep stealing them?! :p

    Creative Commons hmm? I'll look into it...

  9. Hello Todd

    Thanks for the compliment on my photo on FB after reading this I thank I am even more thankful LOL! as you said your not a sunset/sunrise person. I must say this shot is very nicely captured. I believe I shared with you in the past as my father was career Army (101st Calv Medivac Helicopter Pilot two tours to Nam etc.) Thank you again for your friendship and more importantly your service to our awesome country!


  10. Hey George!

    Thanks for popping in .. and thanks right back at you for the picture compliment ... we should definitely "talk shop" sometime about taking pictures ... although, I have to say that I'm a little intimidated ... some of your shots are Really (seriously) good. :-)


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