Doing My Laundry In Iraq


In some ways, being deployed is almost like getting to experience childhood again. I have someone cooking all my food for me. There are plenty of "after school activities" at the Rec center. And best of all, "doing laundry" consists of putting it all into a canvas bag about once a week; dropping it off at a little building, which is conveniently right on the way to the parking lot; then picking it up, cleaned and folded, 1 or 2 days later. (all for "free" by the way)

Today's picture is of Miss Lulu, who has the contract for the laundry service here in the Bedrock (Air Force) area of Ali AB. All of the people who work there are really friendly. Dropping off and picking up laundry always seems to involve lots of smiles, and at least a little bit of friendly conversation. Unlike some of the other KBR laundry drop-offs on COB Adder (another name for this base), what's really nice about Lulu's is that they do all the washing right there in the building. This allows for a quicker turn-around, and a little more piece of mind, that all your clothes will still be there on pick-up day.

I do crack myself up a bit though, when it comes to laundry. Apparently, some guy habits just never die. After reading about how relatively easy it is to "do" laundry, can you help me answer this question ...

Why is it that I still almost always end up waiting to turn in my bag of dirty laundry until I'm nearly out of clean underwear?

Deep thought for the day.



  1. What a sweet pic!

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