Do Drink The Water


A deployment trip to the desert is one of the few tropical travel destinations where you are most definitely Encouraged to drink the water ... lots of it. And they make it real easy for us. All around the post, there are pallets full of bottled water, free for the taking. Plus, most offices, rec centers, and the gyms have coolers where you can also get a nice cold bottle.

Reminding people to drink plenty of water is actually part of our pre-deployment training ... I'm not even joking. This time of year, it's not really that big of a deal. The weather is quite pleasant actually (most afternoons the high temp is between 65 and 73). But during the summer time, when the high temperatures can sometimes top 120 F (50 C), if you're not drinking water, you can get dehydrated with a quickness.

I did get a chuckle when I first got here in October. I went into the bathroom near our office, and there on the wall, right above the urinal, is a little chart that helps you determine whether or not you're drinking enough fluids. It's got 3 blocks, with different shades of yellow. You're supposed to compare it to the color of your pee ... then based on which picture you matched up with, the chart tells you how much extra water you should be drinking.

Useful tool, for a serious subject ... but still ... something I might expect to see on an elementary school bathroom wall ... then again, it was a men's room ... and most of our wives would probably argue (relatively convincingly) that we're nothing but big kids anyway. ;-)


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