Ciano - Italian Restaurant In Iraq

Italian Restaurant in Iraq

That's right, we've got our own little Italian "side walk" Cafe right here on Ali AB, Iraq. There's actually two of the restaurants here on the post. One of them is in our Air Force section, and one is over near the passenger terminal. Seeing as how we get free, all you can eat, food at the dining hall, I wouldn't have thought that a commercial restaurant would do very well over here. Apparently I thought wrong.

As you can see on the sign, they have steak and chicken dishes, as well as the pizza and pasta you would expect to see. The prices are about the same as what you might find in a smaller "mom and pop" type Italian place back home ... most meals are $8-$15. I've eaten the food a couple of times on the holidays, when they served it free in our big top tent. It was good. And even on days when I don't eat there, I walked by it every afternoon on my way home from work, so I get to experience the aroma of fresh cooked bread and Italian spices.

lol, ok I have to stop now ... it's 11:30pm, and writing about Italian food (which is my favorite btw) is making me hungry. Unfortunately, I don't have time to eat, since I have to get up at 0500.

And on that note, I'm outta here, and off to bed. Hope you all enjoy what's left of your day.



  1. I was in Iraq from APR 2010- APR 2011 and I went to Cianos plenty of times. I have a quick question that I hope somebody can answer. During this time that i was in Iraq, Cianos sold these cartons of pure fruit juice like tomato, pear, apple, and others. I was just wondering where these exact cartons of juice can be bought stateside.


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