A Trip to Seychelles is a Great Exotic Destination

If you are planning on escaping this winter to a balmy beach destination, why not try someplace a little more exotic than your usual destination choices. There are many exotic tropical vacations to choose from, so how to choose? The islands of Seychelles are an extremely exotic location being situated off the east coast of mainland Africa and not far from the island of Madagascar. Seychelles vacations are a perfect choice to provide a unique island experience.

Photo Credit: Rachel thecat on flickr

The Seychelles is made up of an archipelago of 115 islands of which 33 are inhabited. Mahe is the largest island and is home to about 90% of the population as well as the capital city of Victoria. Seychelles is made up of European, African, Chinese, and Indian cultures which result in a unique Creole culture. Because of these influences, the Creole cuisine is exotic and distinctive.

When booking your accommodations you will notice that Seychelles has just about everything including, 5 star resorts, villas, guest houses, apartments, and bungalows for all budgets. The main island of Mahe has 75 beautiful beaches, a mountainous backdrop, and lush greenery. There are many different types of accommodations available on Mahe, most with access to a beautiful beach.

You can also stay on the islands of La Digue and Praslin. By taking a 15 minute plane ride from Mahe you can be on one of the smaller islands to enjoy a more intimate stay. These two islands are known for their pristine sand beaches, coconut groves, palm trees, and granite boulders. Both of these islands’ beaches have won awards for being the “best beach in the world” recently. A trip to see them would show you why.

For a secluded and exotic vacation, why not travel to Seychelles where every day you can travel to a different island to have a completely different experience from the day before.


  1. What a lovely sea, nature. We plan to travel Seychelles in a few years for vacation.


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