A Trip To The Out House


Being "Fobbits" who never leave the base, we really don't have it all that bad on this deployment. But we do still have guys that complain about having to get up and trudge through the cold and the mud if they have to take a pee in the middle of the night. Unless you're a Full Bird Colonel or Sergeant Major/Chief it's highly unlikely that there's a bathroom in the trailer where you sleep.

The photo above is what the "potty buildings" look like from the outside. But don't ask me why I'm even sharing this information with you.

Yesterday was cold and rainy. I had a headache and was generally grumpy and unmotivated all day. I didn't take many pictures, so when I sat down in the evening to pick one, and write a blog post to go with it, there wasn't much to choose from. Then to top it all off, my Internet service went out.

So, in hindsight, it's probably appropriate that the photo I ended up choosing is of the "crapper" :-D


p.s. I'm going to date this post Jan 20th 2010 so that it stays in the right order on the blog, but I'm not actually hitting the "publish" until just now ... on the 21st ... after I've already put up today's picture/article.


  1. Todd,
    Sounds like you guys have/had it really tough there. I can certainly understand you being grumpy and unmotivated having to deal with the cold and rain and a bad headache. I pray that you never have to be deployed again.
    When do you plan to retire? I hope it will be soon for you if that is what you want.
    Take care and God bless.

  2. Hi Cille,

    Now that it's all done, I suppose it wasn't so bad. I'm retiring officially on January 1st 2014, but I've got enough leave that I'll most likely be done sometime around the middle of October. lol, as for it's what I want ... not really, I like my job ... but the Air Force says 24 years is as much as I can do.


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