Why Do You Blog?

What is the purpose of my blog? ... What am I "selling"?

This is a question that I suspect many of us never really ask ourselves until we've been doing this for quite a while. Yet ironically enough, it's probably THE Question that we should have absolutely known the answer to before we ever even got started.

The good news is, it's not too late ...

Simply "start over".

Before you change your theme again for the 21st time, or write another post about a subject that you're not really all that interested in, but it's the "niche" you've chosen, STOP ...

Think about why you started your blog. What is your goal?

NOW ...

Build your blog around that goal. DON'T get DISTRACTED by other things.

If you've decided that what you're really selling is YOU ...

Then why the heck are you running off to check your adsense statistics every 3 hours? (and btw why do you even have adsense on that type of blog?)

On the flip side, if you've decided that your goal is to make money from ADVERTISING ...

Why are you writing posts about your kids, your dog, and the pretty picture of a flower you took last week?

Different goals, REQUIRE different STYLES of writing.

Real quick and dirty ...

If you're selling "YOU inc", then obviously you want a blog full of posts that inspire people to want to know more. You should be writing posts that invite questions and comments. You should make it EASY for people to EXPLORE other areas of your site. And finally, this is just my own personal opinion, but you SHOULDN'T flash a bunch of ads in front of your readers ... unless of course the image you are trying to sell is "I'm a salesman".

If you're trying to Make Money from your site, here is a description of your IDEAL "READER" ...

Someone who arrives via a SEARCH ENGINE (hopefully after entering a "buying term"), then LEAVES fairly quickly, by clicking on a RELEVANT AD that offers a SOLUTION to their PROBLEM.

IT DOES NOT MATTER whether or not they even READ anything that you wrote !!!!

... and it certainly doesn't matter if they leave a comment or not.

Here's a little "secret" for you ... people who leave comments are generally OTHER BLOGGERS ... and other bloggers generally DON'T CLICK ADS.

Ok, that was my rant for tonight. I'll have more thoughts on this subject "later".

In the mean time, feel free to OPINE away in the comments section
(I'm Not trying to make money withThis blog) ;-)

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