Types of travel money belts

The number of travelers increases every year. Don't we love to get to know different culures and visit new landscapes, after all? Although going off the beaten track is oh-so-cool, we still need to focus on traveling safe whenever we visit places we don't know.

The travel industry has become conscious of these problems, developing numerous items to insure our protection. You probably have already seen a travel money belt for purchase at the travel goods area of major malls or airports. The best component is that nowadays there's a wide variety of variations to select from. These will suit most needs of just about all tourists!

Money belts are available with 1, 2 or 3 separate compartments. Most of these are made to be put on around your waist.

You can get additionally travel money belts that are worn around the neck this particular type is popular with females. This particular type has a strap that may be regulated to go around the neck or also go around the shoulder or maybe waist based upon the particular sort of clothes you might be using.

One more style of travel money belt could be put on around the lower leg. Additional models are more straightforward: initially they appear to be a typical leather-based belt, but they hide a zipper on the inside. These types usually just accommodate money, so your docs still might not always be very safe.

Additionally, there is a loop or clip style money belt that connects to a belt and is used beneath your clothes.

Travel vest with numerous inside pockets are usually an ideal means to carry your belongings. The zippered pockets are on the interior of the vest and also on the outside. Most of these can be worn by both males and females, and give you a location for everything. They're light and easily washable.

All of these travel money belts are developed to be used hidden out from view and certainly not exposed in public. You will definitely travel with numerous travel goods, but travel money belts usually are the most important to use when flying.


  1. Planing to visit Thailand this summer. Cant eve imagine a money belt i need. Maybe a hidden type or something...

  2. I used the travel belt recently when I went through Europe. It made things a lot safer. Great article.


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