Google Widget Main Culprit In Slow Load Time

According to the new site performance tab in Google Webmasters Tools, my blog here at loads slower than 92% of the sites on the Internet.

Obviously, there are a few things that I can fix, such as compressing the css, and optimizing some of my images.

With rumors that google may be incorporating page load time in to their search rank algorithm, it's kind of ironic that by far the worst culprit in slowing my site down was that Google Friend Connect widget.

So, I took it down ... for now.

Hopefully the people who" run the internet" can, at some point, figure out how to serve up a widget that doesn't take 5-6 seconds to load.



  1. Irony huh? That is funny how they make/brake their own rules.
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  2. Hi Todd,

    I just removed the Google Friend Connect widget off my sidebar too. I don't know if it was slowing down the load time on my blog, but I was noticing some strange error type messages on Woopra and when I asked RT about the odd looking code, he said it was Google Friend Connect. No big deal - one less thing on the sidebar I don't need.
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  3. I don't know why I even both with 3rd party widgets to begin with. About the only one I won't give up, is my flickr pictures down in the footer ... although, to be honest, I'm not real sure that anybody me even looks at that one on a regular basis. :-)

  4. Hi Lin,

    I would have loved to have let Google help me connect with my friends ... but if it keeps the blog from even loading in a timely manner, it kind of defeats the whole point.

    lol, as for sidebars, I have a hard time even coming up with stuff to put in mine.

  5. Ha. Right when I think I'm going to change up what's on my sidebar (ad-wise) and move things around, I suddenly get a barrage of clicks and purchases and decide to wait a little longer. I'm constantly testing different things out, to see what works well and what doesn't. ;)
    .-= Lin´s last blog ..Zhu Zhu Pets Toxic? Zhu Zhu Pets Investigation by CPSC for Antimony =-.

  6. Guys, there is a free web service available for Google Friend Connect. Very simple to use for getting basic information about users.
    Its not a widget, but for those who are trying to integrate into their sites, this could be it. No server scripting required. Just HTML + Simple JS. Just 3 lines of coding to implement it.

    Faster loading time than that of Google. Live demo is also available


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