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Why Do You Blog?

What is the purpose of my blog? ... What am I "selling"? This is a question that I suspect many of us never really ask ourselves until we've been doing this for quite a while. Yet ironically enough, it's probably THE Question that we should have absolutely known the answer to before we ever even got started. The good news is, it's not too late ... Simply "start over". Before you change your theme again for the 21st time, or write another post about a subject that you're not really all that interested in, but it's the "niche" you've chosen, STOP ... Think about why you started your blog. What is your goal? NOW ... Build your blog around that goal. DON'T get DISTRACTED by other things. If you've decided that what you're really selling is YOU ... Then why the heck are you running off to check your adsense statistics every 3 hours? (and btw why do you even have adsense on that type of blog?) On the flip side, if yo