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My Diet and Exercise Plan for 2010

For those who saw my message about rebranding , this particular post might not seem to have much to do with Home Business ... and to some extent, you're probably right ... this is primarily one of those posts that is about me, and for me (ie, I want to be able to refer back to it). However ... If you really think about it; isn't it already hard enough to build a successful part-time business when you've got a busy family life, and a challenging full-time career (I would put stay-at-home mom in this category too), along with any other "important" hobbies and interests? How much tougher do you think we make it on ourselves when we're always tired , because we don't exercise enough, and we eat entirely too much "junk" food? So with that in mind, I decided that I am going to make my 2010 self-improvement plan "not another New Year's resolution", by starting a whole month early ... on December 1st. First a bit of background ... I have a

Don’t Be An INVISIBLE Reader

It's not Who you know ... it's who knows You Since I became a blogger, it sometimes seems like I spend more time sitting in front of my computer reading, than just about anything else. Over the past couple of years I've "interacted" with a whole bunch of cool people online. Some of them I "know" pretty darn well ... heck we might even make good friends. Except ... A few probably don't have a clue who I am. You see, in my thirst for knowledge (hey, I gotta try to put a positive spin on this little self examination), I sometimes (alright, probably too often) forgot to NETWORK. Don't get me wrong, I certainly got something out of the deal. If I wasn't learning and getting good information, I wouldn't have kept going back, and gotten to know more about my blogging "friends". But, in the process, I did deprive some of them of an opportunity ... The chance to get to know more about ME. :-) Every time I've read a quality ar

Todd’s Best Home Business Tips

Ok, so I decided to do a little bit of "rebranding" here on this blog by adding two words to my title tag. From this day forward, my little "personal" blog will now be known as Todd's blog about Home Business tips. For all practical intents and purposes, I'm still going to write posts about my family, share pictures that I've taken, and link out to friend's blogs that may have nothing to do with home business. But since I'm actually making an effort to learn about choosing good keywords for my niche blogs, I figured I might look a little silly if the blog where I do most of my writing is just about "everything" (which let's be honest, really means "nothing in particular"). And here's the thing, writing about home business really isn't a stretch for me ... since that's what my original blog that I started 2 1/2 ago was supposed to be about. Over that time span, as I have "grown" and "evolved&

Premium WordPress Theme Clubs – Where’s The Best Value?

I've been blogging now for about 2 1/2 years, and in that time I could definitely be decribed as something of a wordpress theme junkie . I have over a hundred different wordpress themes in a folder on my hard drive. Most are of the "free" variety, and a few I paid for. Now I know this might come off as a bit snobbish sounding, but here lately I only use premium wordpress themes ... even on my niche sites. I like the fact that, for the most part, paid themes come with more features , look good "right out of the box, but are also easier to customize . In addition, most paid licenses give me the choice of what links I can have (or not have) down there in the footer. Which leads right into one of the ways that "free" themes aren't always really all that free . Those little links down in the footer that you are requested to "leave intact". Most of the time, they're relatively innocuous; simply giving credit to the designer ... even sti

Baghdad Tour Baath Party House

As promised, more pictures from my Baghdad Palace Tour . First, a few more pictures from the roof of the Victory Over America Palace ... View of Baghdad skyline from bombed out window on the palace roof. This is the "Flintstone Village" that Saddam built for his grandchildren. Next we stopped at what is purported to be the last remaining mural of Saddam Hussein ... where there was a rare picture taken with me actually in it ;-) Finally, it was on to the bombed out remains of the Ba'ath Party House: This building took hits from a couple of JDAMs, and a Tomahawk Missile. According to the tour guide all of those empty windows used to contain beautiful stained glass. A couple of views from inside the building ... And then of course I had to get a couple of "artsy fartsy" type shots ... Almost like a museum, many things are left almost exactly as they were in 2003 when the bombs fell. I thought this broken chair amongst the rubble really captured the "

Mauritius Holiday Sites To See

Are you planning to take a holiday in the near future? Mauritius holiday packages are a great way to be able to afford your next holiday and have a great time. If you are planning to do a little more than sit on the beach and relax there are several packages that will allow for you to have a great experience and see a lot of sites. If you are planning to take a holiday to Mauritius you will want to make sure that you purchase a package that will allow for you to see all of the things attractions that one should see on their holiday to this popular tourist island. One attraction you will not want to miss on your holiday is the Natural History Museum in Port Louis, Mauritius which is the capital city. This museum is full of animals that have been stuffed and preserved for your viewing pleasure. You will find exotic and extinct birds such as the Dodo which was made famous by Mauritius. Another attraction you do not want to miss out on is the Pere Laval statute in Port Louis. This statute

How Many Of Your Followers Actually Know Like And Trust You?

Ok, so I'm going through my twitter account yesterday, trying to make a list of people who I can honestly say that I'm "friends" with. It's still an ongoing process. But I expect that by the time all is said and done, my "friends" list will encompass well south of 10% of the total amount of people that I follow. Now maybe, just maybe, this says something about me ... However, I strongly suspect that my personal experience is well within the norm. So why does this matter? Well for one thing, if I'm going to click a link ... and especially if it involves a potential purchase ... guess who's links I am mostly likely to click on? Ding, Ding, Ding. The correct answer is ... the people who I already Know, Like and Trust. And especially when it comes to something like twitter, if I'm going to make a list of people who's Tweets that I might actually, you know, READ ... guess who I'm most likely to put on it? Which brings me full circle ...

Baghdad Palace Tour

[caption id="attachment_772" align="left" width="450" caption="Ornate Ceiling of Saddams Victory Over America palace"] [/caption] A couple of weeks ago, right after I got to Iraq this time, I had to go up to Baghdad for a conference, and change of command. While I was there, we got to play tourist for a couple of hours. A couple of times a week, the Army public affairs conducts tours of some of Saddam Hussien's palaces. We got to see a couple of examples of the aftermath of American Military firepower, during our walks through the "Victory Over America" palace, and the Baath Party House. We took buses to the palace, then probably about 200 people made our way up the hill and inside for the tour. All told, we were probably in (what was left of) the palace for about 90 minutes. I was actually surprised we were even able to walk through the place, as the destruction was pretty impressive: This is the main ballroom of the palac