Why Do You Comment?

A couple of Simple questions ...

  • What is your goal when you leave a comment on someone else's blog or website?

  • Do you have an actual "commenting strategy"? In other words, do you plan time for commenting? Do you "target" specific types of blogs?

  • What are some of the actual benefits you're realized as a result of commenting on other people's blogs?

I'm planning to do a "commenting tips" type post here in the next week or so. These are just a few of the questions that I was curious about. So I figured, rather than doing all my research out on the interwebs, I might as well ask here first.

So what's your take?



  1. Hi Todd,

    This is a really good question. Why do I comment on blogs? For me it's a mix of several things.

    1. Participating in a blogging community, regardless if it's within my own niche or not, is my goal in commenting. I would guess the majority of blogs I comment on are not usually my own niches, based on what I see in my RSS reader.

    2. Asking a question or answering a question related to the post. A benefit I've seen from that are the referrals over to my own site, according to my stats.

    3. I don't "target" any specific type blogs at all. I start with those I'm subscribed to because I'm interested in their topics and comment on posts where I have something worthwhile to add. Then I check out blog posts shared on Facebook or Twitter or StumbleUpon etc, and comment from time to time.

    I don't have any particular "strategy" in commenting on blogs, but I do plan/allow time for commenting every day. I don't set aside X amount of minutes per day for commenting on a certain number of blogs each day (as I've seen recommended numerous times). I just do what works for me and my schedule. No ulterior motives - just participation.
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  2. Here is my take on the following questions.

    What is your goal when you leave a comment on someone else's blog or website?

    I primary goal is to add thoughtful content to the page. If what I have to say doesn't amount to much I will likely skip it. My goal isn't necessarily to get link backs but more to engage and help further the discussion at hand. Don't get me wrong I like link back but that isn't my goal.

    Do you have an actual "commenting strategy"? In other words, do you plan time for commenting? Do you "target" specific types of blogs?

    My comment strategy is as follows: Organize blogs I feel are in my community or that I like to be a part of into my reader specifically for commenting on. I will proceed to comment on each of these posts to the best of my ability less I have nothing to say about the subject. I don't want to blow smoke for the sake of a comment. Doing so in my opinion would only make me look bad when someone sees these lame comments. I also tend to stick to topics that I mesh with such as marketing, development and money. Don't comment on a lot of Tupperware blogs regardless of their page rank.

    What are some of the actual benefits you're realized as a result of commenting on other people's blogs?

    I notice that the more you interact with others the better things are in the online world. Taking the time to help add content and thoughtful information to other's pages results in much the same for your own. Like Steve Sharon's post yesterday (http://bloggerlens.com/is-online-revenge-ok-when-you-have-been-wronged/) about you and your friends helping each other in the end all ships rise together.

    Final thought, in the end commenting and interacting with others is natural and we do much the same in "real" life. The more you go out of your way to help others the more it returns. Pretty simple, but in the end it is nothing more than chit chatting with others online. I think the benefits to commenting are endless in regard to brand, relationships, being helpful and the like.

    P.S. always before submitting a comment select all and copy, I hate writing a huge comment only to have a page or captcha time out and lose everything. FYI.
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  3. I only comment when I have something to add to the conversation and it's a way of networking for me. Often I see something the author has missed on the subject or I see some added viewpoint I can give. I can sometimes add a clip of experience to whatever the author is writing about. But all in all, it's about adding content.

    Since I am in Network Marketing, I tend to look for other NM blogs although personal development blogs are great too.

    I also will not comment unless I can put my URL in. I know that might sound selfish; like I just want a link but the real reason ties in with networking. If someone liked what I said, they can click my link and read more of what I say.

    On my blog all comments are open and I have Aksimet to help police the spam.

    And I try to remember to thank the author: Thanks for writing this Todd!
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  4. I just say hi to friends without any other motive.

    However, I need to get more into the linkability aspect of it. LOL!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, great comments so far ... thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    As I said, I plan to make a post with some "commenting tips" here in the next week or three.

    (I only have 5 days until I leave for Iraq, and since I intend to spend the great majority of that time with my family, some blogging may just get put off until I arrive downrange and figure out what the Internet situation is going to be).

    Rest assured that any ideas inspired by this thread will be attributed (linked) accordingly.

    Until then, please know that I do really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and contribute.

    Talk to you again soon,

  6. Mostly I comment to let people know that I value what they have said.

    Commenting offers me the ability to get certain things clarified and to be able to connect better. Makes it feel more humanized.

    I also comment to stay connected to trusted friends I have made via the internet.

    Hope you stay connected Todd!
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  7. I don't have a particular strategy and I don't actively search the net for blogs to comment on.

    I always comment on blogs whose authors were nice enough to leave a comment on my blog. I don't even bother checking to see whether they are dofollow or not. If they left a comment on mine I will do the best to leave a quality comment on theirs.

    The main benefit of commenting is that the post comes alive, and if you're lucky those comments add to post. It's all about adding to the conversation and being part of the blogging community.
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  8. When I comment, I'm trying to contribute to the conversation. But it's also a good way of developing my own ideas. Sometimes a point I've made in a comment gets expanded later into a blog post or an article.

    Also, I tend to have bursts of commenting on various blogs, as opposed to commenting regularly. I often do a search for a keyword that I'm currently interested in and see what blogs turn up. Then I've got stuff sort of bubbling around inside my head ready to express. I find it a lot easier and more enjoyable that way.

  9. I began commenting on blogs primarily for the backlinks and to some extent I still do that. For example I am at work right now, and this is me creating an inbound link to our new website. Honestly this is the first blog post I have seen that directly asks about why people comment, reading the responses was interesting.


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