Can You Get Rich Blogging About Making Money?

So you know you need more income. There's always too much month at the end of your paycheck. You need to find a viable way to increase your cash flow. Well, you've got a computer ... you could start a blog ... but what should you write about? It rarely fails, when someone gets on the Internet and decides they'd like earn extra income, one of the first ideas that pops into their head is to start a new blog about making money.

I mean heck, if I'm interested in it, then other people must be too right? I'll just go copy some PLR articles, slap about 25 or 30 bright flashing 125x125 ads in my side bars, then sit back and wait for the huge checks to start rolling in. Sounds like a good plan huh?

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people ...

Earning a Significant Income writing about Making Money Online is about as likely as Winning the Lottery

The biggest problem ... probably 99% of the people who are (attempting to) write about making money online, are NOT cashing big checks themselves ... never have ... and sadly, most likely Never will. In fact, I'd almost be willing to bet that the majority of "make money" bloggers aren't even using most of the "sounds too good to be true" programs that they so proudly display in the "check out our sponsors", above the fold, section of their website. (note: for most, it's probably a good thing they didn't actually buy into these schemes ... but it sucks that they think it's ok to hope that other suckers will)

Speaking of Ads ...

How many times have you visited a website or blog, and almost immediately noticed that there are multiple types of advertising ... adsense, banners, chitika, fake blog rolls, and of course the obligatory posts about the latest and greatest "hot" affiliate deals? Or what about those sites you sometimes land on, where there literally appears to be more advertising than actual content? Here's a dirty little (not so) Secret for you ...

The More ads you see, the LESS likely it is the blog is Making Money

Now obviously, there are exceptions. But for the most part, this is a pretty tried and true "rule" ... especially in the MMO niche. And webmasters who break this rule, pretty much betray a lack of basic salesmanship knowledge. Don't get me wrong, it sounds perfectly logical to someone who doesn't know any better, that the more choices you give someone, the more likely they are to make a "good" decision ... in this case clicking on an ad, and/or making a purchase. However, those who have experience in sales, and/or have studied human nature will know all too well that the Exact Opposite is more often true. Faced with an over abundance of choices, most people will simply choose Not to act at all.

If you're reading the above paragraph, and it sounds like your blog/website, it's might just be a good explanation for why the click thru rate on your adsense always seems to hover around .07%, and the clicks you do get tend to pay a whopping 3 or 4 cents each. Heck with the 10-15 visitors you get (on a good) day, you might just make enough money each month to buy a soda or a cup of coffee (McDonalds not Starbucks).

Oh, that reminds me, let's talk about traffic for a minute ...

Competition for traffic in the MMO niche is TOUGH

Did you realize that just in Google, there are over 180 MILLION websites trying to rank for the keyword "Make Money Online" ? Don't let that number daunt you too much ... It's not terribly hard to get a post/site indexed for those keywords. But if you're not in the first 10 results for that search string, the chances of getting any significant traffic for that term are about ... not bloody likely.

And, one other thing to consider; I guarantee you, those sites that are on first page of Google, did not get there by accident. They've been doing this for a Long Time, and they know probably more than you or I ever will about How to make money online. Why in the world would someone who's either brand new, or has never been successful want to try to compete with that?

Being the sharp mind that you obviously are (since you've read this far into the article), you've probably already begun to ask yourself ... Wait a Minute !!! ... if writing about making money online is such a bad idea, why is Todd writing a post about Can You Get Rich Blogging ????

I'm glad you asked ...

If I'm Not going to Get Rich writing about Making Money, WHY would I start a blog/write articles about Earning Extra Income?

I think my friend Allyn actually explains the answer pretty well in his video blog post about How Natural Links, and Online Friends help us get by. The bottom line is, while having a blog about blogging, making money, affiliate programs, etc, is unlikely to ever turn into a true Cash Cow, it can definitely be a great way to NETWORK with other likely minded people.

... and (pay attention because this is Important) those RELATIONSHIPS that you take the time to form, are exactly what (over the long run) are likely to make a difference in how successful you are in your efforts to earn more than just a "few extra bucks" with your computer.

In the mean time (while you're still building your empire), having the right friends can even be used for "fun" ... such as calling out alleged scammers , and actually getting enough traffic/high enough SERP ranking that they notice you.

Plus, and more importantly, having online friends can be a great way to LEARN from other's blogging mistakes ... while at the same time helping get links/drive traffic to your sites that actually do allow you to make money from home ... putting money in your bank account today.

BUT .... here's the part of this equation that some people tend to forget (and it can be "fatal" to your success) ...

When it come to building Online Relationships, you have to be Willing to GIVE, if you Expect to Receive

Read that again ... and again if you need to ... be willing to give first.

One of Zig Ziggler's more famous quote is probably quite apt here:

"You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

Who have you helped today?

Til next time ...

p.s. this article was originally written for a different blog. unfortunately, that site gets very little traffic. it seemed a shame to write a 1000 word article, with links to some of my friends, and then post it someplace where very few people are likely to read it. so I moved it here. hope you like it.


  1. So true Todd. It's pretty comical to keep reading about newbs starting new blogs about making money online and then wonder why the big checks aren't rolling in.

    It's amazing and sad the high number of crappy books and ebooks being pushed on unsuspecting newbie bloggers who legitimately want to make money with a blog or website from what are commonly referred to as A-lister blogging experts.

    The only REAL people who will truly teach someone how to make money with a blog or website is Griz, Vic, Court and Mark, and that's it. Anyone else is just blowing smoke up your ....., and gladly taking your money for their ebooks and affiliate crap.
    .-= Lin @Telling It Like It Is´s last blog ..Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 103 Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Kids and Teens =-.

  2. Hi Lin,

    Actually, I'm not quite as "anti-A-list" as some of our other friends. I actually read quite a few "A-list" blogs ... on a fairly consistent, and regular basis. I just don't normally buy anything.

    lol, actually over the past 2 years, I've probably bought more useless stuff from Vic than I have from the "A-listers" ... but, I've also learned about some Very Useful things from him ... which more than makes up for a couple of misfires.

    The bottom line for me is, there's nothing wrong with reading "make money online" blogs ... just make sure that they are actually "walking the walk, as well as they talk the talk".

    ... and unless you already have some unique insight to offer, Don't Try to BE them ... at least not in the "make money" niche.

    Note: if someone is tempted to copy the "A-listers", they should probably be armed with the information that someone like Darren Rowse almost certainly makes more money from DPS (digtal photography school) than he does from ProBlogger.

    For those that pay attention, that's what's called a "CLuE!!"


  3. I would also think it's a pretty good bet that Darren Rowse makes more money from his photography site than ProBlogger. I read his blog pretty frequently too, but I've never....ever... bought anything from any of the A-listers. There are a select few A-listers that I subscribe to, although I don't comment much on their posts. There's only so many hours in the day to read everything I want to read AND work on posts for my three blogs so I too can make money online. And I do. :)
    .-= Lin @Telling It Like It Is´s last blog ..Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 103 Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Kids and Teens =-.

  4. Hi Lin,

    Yes, your blogs are a perfect example of how to do it "right" ... pick subjects that you are knowledgeable and passionate about ... then monetize the posts with natural partners (such as Amazon in your case).

    Your post linked above (and the last two before it on your site) should almost certainly result in more than a few commissions between now and Christmas.

  5. Amazon has been very good to me, as has a few other affiliates and I'm not even talking about Adsense (which has been great too hehehe). I've been happily surprised by the amount of search engine traffic ALL of my xmas type posts are getting even from last year, as I didn't really think people had started their shopping yet. Yeah me!

    If there is just one thing that newbie bloggers need to understand if they really want to learn how to make money online is to write blog posts with SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC in mind, and on topics they are passionate and knowledgeable about.

    The vast majority of the traffic to my blog(s) is from search engines, and it's done on purpose, with a small amount of traffic coming from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.

    Trying to find an appropriate balance between search traffic and social traffic (subscribed readers etc) is a challenge. While I primarily write with search engine people in mind, it's always nice to have regular readers who will comment and promote my blog posts around the blogosphere.
    .-= Lin @Telling It Like It Is´s last blog ..Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 103 Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Kids and Teens =-.

  6. Hi Lissie,

    I like the idea behind your new blog ... and the "nifty" theme you're using ;-)

    And yes, at least if you're going to start an MMO blog, you've chosen to narrow down the niche, and specialize a little bit.

    I expect we'll be hearing more about this new site of yours in the coming months and years.


  7. I have a feeling so much of the reason people who attempt to write about MMO and how to do it. Forget that the people who dominate the niche have been working at it for a VERY LONG TIME!

    Everything sounds like a good idea until you realize the time and energy involved in making it work. The people who dominate major niches are the same type of people that buy a busted up and rusted piece of crap car and turn it around in their garage into an award winning show car.

    If you aren't willing to put in the sweat and time you wont make it. Sadly, most people don't realize this.
    .-= The Real Josh´s last blog ..Model Successful People to Grow Your Market and Brand =-.

  8. Hi Josh,

    Oh, I think people realize that "work" is involved. I think most even know that there's no such thing a "short cuts".

    But ...

    We all Wish that there really is some "magic bullet" out there, just waiting to be discovered that will help us jump ahead of the pack.

    Why else would be keep buying $29.95 ebooks about how to "get rich" when we probably already have a folder on our hard drive with dozens of similar scrolls? ... must unread.

  9. Hell Todd, I should have read this post ages ago. It seems I am doing everything wrong, especially because I have heaps of ads on my blog. Oh, well, I don't think I am going to change anytime soon, because I am too set in my ways.

    Perhaps it's because of the 30 odd years I've spent in the retail game, including a few years as a salesman in a hi-fi / electric goods store. I was always taught that you needed to give the customer a choice of goods, and in the real, non online, world I found that to be true. Unless a customer comes into a store with a specific item in mind they wanted to be able to choose from a selection of goods, whether it's a TV or a can of baked beans. If you didn't have the brand they wanted they would walk out.

    I suppose in a way that's why I have a selection of ads. You never know who is going to 'walk' into your blog and what they are really interested in, Having more than one line on display simply means that you cover more bases, and who knows may even lead to a sudden 'impulse' sale or two.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow =-.

  10. Hi Sire,

    LOL ... you're darn right you should have read this ... I linked to YOUR Blog in this post ... what are you, some kind of "A Lister" who gets so many links you don't even notice them all? :-D

    Seriously though, I'm just pulling your leg.

    I should point out one thing about this post ... the word "significant" in front of "income".

    If someone wants to make a couple hundred dollars a month from their blog, then giving people lots of ad choices ... attempting to monetize as high a percentage of visitors as possible (even for just pennies a click), probably makes sense.

    But I wholeheartedly believe that if someone intends to use blogging as a way to earn enough money to actually support themselves and their family, then they will resist the urge to "work for peanuts", and instead concentrate on building their brand/reputation.

    In other words, most people would be better off working for "free" when they just start off, if they want the opportunity to get paid really well down the line.

    lol, then again, I could be totally wrong ... the great majority of my extra income still comes from work I did 6-7 years ago ... before I even knew what a blog was.

    But I will tell you one thing, if you ever see site-wide adsense on this blog, it means I've totally given up on the idea of ever using it as a launching pad to making "real money".


  11. I can't take the blame for missing this as the blog didn't pick up the trackback, I just looked ;)

    I wish I was making a couple of hundred dollars a month. You've seen my stats, and it's usually below that.

    I do believe however that I am providing good content, and therefore building my rep so to speak. I'm not sure that the ads are hurting that at all. Am I missing the point somewhere?
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Why Marketing Your Ad Space Should Precede Marketing Your Blog =-.


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