I Had No Internet For Five Weeks

... and it didn't kill me !

Actually, it was kind of hard for the first week or so. The only way I could get online was when my t-mobile sidekick occasionally decided to get a good enough data connection. (definitely not while inside my dorm room). But really, since I was so busy during the long days, by the time I got back to my room, I was usually ready for bed anyway.

That being said, I did find a few things interesting ...

While I was offline, not only did I survive, but my "web presence" actually didn't fair too badly either.

Average daily visitors to this blog has actually increased over the past 60 days, despite the fact that they last update took place well over a month ago.

Not only that, but even my twitter count (while relatively modest at just over 700) looks to have held it's own ... very surprising given the fact that I didn't follow anybody new, and only posted a grand total of 4 tweets during the time I was gone.

The main "take away" ...

I have to question whether the 3-5 hours a day that I normally spend online is really all that value adding.

Obviously I enjoy connecting with my online friends. But if it's possible to do it effectively in minutes a day; as opposed to hours, then why in the world wouldn't I devote some of that extra time to my family in and friends in the "real world"?

Just something to ponder.


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  1. Wow great that you are back. Missed you!! Hopefully all went ok w. that duty focus.

    Lots going on in cyberspace (innerbuzz; familiar faces). :-)


  2. Very interesting.. I'd go nuts if I didn't have internet access for 5 weeks.. what happened?

  3. I had to go to a training class at Camp Blanding FL ... we stayed in dorm rooms, but the cable tv and internet connections didn't work. Didn't really matter that much, as on most days I was too tired by the time we were done to go online anyway :-)

  4. Hi Todd, welcome back to Texas. I bet your kiddos and Ana were thrilled when you walked in the door.

    I'm also pondering scaling back my "online presence" on certain social networks, as there is more to life than sitting in front of a computer screen. I may even reduce (somewhat) the frequency of posts for the time being, because there are other more important things going on that need addressing. Oh, by the way, I fixed that icky post and it's all good now.

    Welcome back!
    .-= Lin Burress @Telling It Like It Is´s last blog ..Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game Review and Giveaway =-.

  5. The key is moderation. Alas, I'm still teaching that myself as well. :)
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..BY Invitation ONLY – Income Fitness Launch =-.

  6. So you were doing national guard training? Did your friends and family know you'd be offline for this long?

  7. I'm active duty Air Force, but we were getting training from Florida National Guard Infantry guys. As far as being offline; lol, I didn't even know I was not going to have Internet access for that long. I brought my laptop, and expected to have a connection in my room ... but as we all know, things don't always work out exactly as planned. :-)

  8. I find that spending some time away from the online world actually helps things ... at least psychologically. I enjoy going on a 10 day vacation every now and then ... whenever I get back, I find things drastically IMPROVE. Rankings, traffic, etc. I mean, any longer than 10 days, and things might go down hill slightly from non-use ... but ... I don't know. Sometimes lack of internet is a good thing, for social reasons.

  9. Wow! Five Weeks. I-Would-Not-Last-5-Days!!! I'm serious.
    .-= Will´s last blog ..This Recession Will Be Over When… =-.


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