The Baby Milk Shake

Jaiden has been eating from a spoon (and with her fingers) for months now. But given the choice, she much prefers her own personal "baby milk shake". At a minimum, she drinks one of these right before bed, and about hour after she wakes up in the morning.

It may just be a coincidence, but Jaiden actually started sleeping in her crib, through the night, not long after we started giving her "the milk shake".

So, you might be asking yourself, what's in this concoction?

It's pretty simple actually:

  • Milk (or formula if that's what your baby is still drinking)

  • Rice or Mixed Cereal

  • Fruit (either baby jar food, or finely blended fresh fruit)

It all goes in the bottle, and gets shaken up. Here are the steps I use to prepare it:

  • Fill the bottle a little over 1/2 way with milk or formula

  • Add about 1/2 a jar of fruit ... enough so the bottle now appears nearly 3/4 full

  • Top off with a couple of scoops of cereal. (leave a little space at the top to aid in shaking)

  • Put the top on the bottle, cover the nipple hole with your (clean) index finger or thumb, and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds.

When you're done, the mixture should have the consistency of a slightly melted milk shake ... thus the name.

Oh yea, one last thing, this mixture will not come out of a normal bottle nipple. You have to take a knife, and cut a slit in the nipple ... how big you make it, depends on how thick you make the shake, and how fast you want to allow your baby to drink it.

Your baby will think this is the bee's knees ... and will most likely "reward" you with nice long peaceful naps.

Hope you found this helpful.

til next time ...


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