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The Baby Milk Shake

[caption id="attachment_511" align="left" width="300" caption="Ingredients for the baby milk shake"] [/caption] Jaiden has been eating from a spoon (and with her fingers) for months now. But given the choice, she much prefers her own personal "baby milk shake". At a minimum, she drinks one of these right before bed, and about hour after she wakes up in the morning. It may just be a coincidence, but Jaiden actually started sleeping in her crib, through the night, not long after we started giving her "the milk shake". So, you might be asking yourself, what's in this concoction? It's pretty simple actually: Milk (or formula if that's what your baby is still drinking) Rice or Mixed Cereal Fruit (either baby jar food, or finely blended fresh fruit) It all goes in the bottle, and gets shaken up. Here are the steps I use to prepare it: Fill the bottle a little over 1/2 way with milk or formula Add about 1/2 a jar of

Tomorrow Comes Quicker Than You Think

I've been in the Air Force now for 19 1/2 years. I won't be retiring next year. "Tomorrow" got here much more quickly than I expected . You see, back when I first started my home business, I had a plan. It was a long-range plan. In 9 years, I was going to make sure that I had no debt, and was consistently earning enough Extra money every month that I could truly "retire" from the military; as opposed to simply moving on to another job. It was a great long-term goal. I wrote it down, I visualized it, I could actually "see" it happening. Unfortunately, I didn't feel the need to also build short-term goals that would provide a road-map for getting to that destination that I visualized. ... after all, I had plenty of time. The "details" would take care of themselves . Well, after a divorce, remarriage, and a few kids I didn't have at the beginning of my journey, there have been "several" more "details" than I ex

Twitter Ebook Not Needed

I can not believe that there are entire ebooks being written about Twitter. Seriously? I guess if you treat it as some sort of a contest, and feel the need to "get" as many "followers" as possible ... even though 90% of them will never actually read a word you said, or click any of your links ... then buying an ebook to find out what the latest and greatest automatic friend adding tools are, might be useful. As for myself, I much prefer to take the "get rich slow" approach to building my twitter empire. It may take me quite a while to get to 5000 followers ... heck, it might even take a while to hit 1000. But, my goal ; rather than just having a big number next to my follower count, is instead, to have a decent percentage of the people who follow me, actually know who the heck I am . With that in mind, here are Todd's common sense Twitter tips : Only follow people who write tweets that you are interested in reading. Make sure that at least a majorit