3 Reasons Why Failure Is Good

"Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
--Winston Churchill

Most adults go through life with an almost constant Fear of Failure. Which is kind of ironic actually, since learning how to fail is almost a Requirement for eventually becoming Successful.

How often have any of us experienced set-backs which at the time, seem like the end of the world, but in actuality are often the stepping stones to the things we really want?

Here are 3 reasons why failure can actually be a good thing ...


I know, I know, that sounds totally counterintuitive. But think about it, when you're trying something for the 3rd, 4th or even 100th time, "I intend to succeed This Time" can actually be a pretty strong motivator.


Let's face it, we all have times where our heads get a little to big for our own good. A small failure here and there can serve as a very useful breaking mechanism to bring us back down to earth.

It's the best way to Learn

When you were a little kid, how did you learn to walk? Did you just climb out of your crib one day and stroll across the bedroom floor? If so, I'm very impressed. But most of us learned to walk by falling flat on our faces ... numerous times. We pulled ourselves up, took a step, and fell right down. But, since we were babies and didn't know any better, we just got right back up and tried again; until we could take two steps, then three, then ten ... with many falls in between.

As adults, it's very easy to forget the lessons of our childhood. Too often we view our "falls" as setbacks, rather the absolutely necessary steps on the road to success that they are.

Have you failed today?

If so, Congratulations!

Keep havin FuN!

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