God Blessed Texas

DSCF2645 ... at least that's how the song goes.

We've been here in Texas for almost 4 days now ... and we're already on our second hotel room. I won't go into too much detail here, but basically don't always believe those reviews you read in the google local search results. The room was "ok" ... but not exactly quality ... and when several people who are from a place tell you it's probably not safe to go out after dark in that neighborhood, probably a clue that you need to find a new place to lay your head.

The good news is, the hotel we are in now is about 200% nicer. And once the weather warms up a bit, there's a pool out back to help relieve the kids boredom a little. We've done a little bit of house hunting, but can't really do any walk-throughs until tomorrow. We found a couple that we like ... so far this one: Diana Loop is on the top of our list.

We also made a new purchase. Picked up a TomTom XL GPS. This is a WAY COOL new toy. And useful too ... I can't imagine house hunting in a new area without it.

Anyhow, it's time for bed. I really dig the "old post promoter" plugin, but I figured it's probably not a bad idea to at least get a few new posts into the mix as well ... lol, this "I'm moving" excuse will only work for so long. ;-)

Wish me luck on the house hunting. Keep havin FuN!


  1. Sorry to hear you experienced the dreaded lousy hotel scenario upon your arriving in Texas Todd. I never rely on those "reviews" since you never know who is actually posting the reviews. Whoever the people are that leave a nice review for a crappy hotel are most often people that work there, or relatives of the owners. I'm glad to hear you've found a nice quality hotel in a good neighborhood too.

    Happy house hunting! The house you linked to looks great too, and it's close to the schools for the kiddos. Hopefully it won't be too long before you're all moved into the new house and get settled in, and the kids start making new friends. I feel for the kids, cuz moving to a new place is always a bit hard for kids, but hopefully you'll have new neighbors that are great and very welcoming to all of you.

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  2. Hi Lin,

    It's all good about the Hotel ... I should have known better than to trust those reviews :-)

    I actually got to drive through Dallas the other day when I arrived. But after about 3 hours sleep on the plane, I don't remember seeing much ... will definitely have to plan another visit in the near future.

    We found a house ... it's on Ft. Hood itself. It's big, 2200 sf w/ 5 bedrooms. There's a little park out back, and both the elementary and middle school are within walking distance. Our stuff will be delivered next Monday, so we still have almost a week in the hotel ... but it's still nice to know where we'll be staying.

    I think once we're settled, it will be a little easier to get out and see what Texas is all about.

    lol, now let me pop over and check out your candle post ... I saw you threw me some links ... Thanks very much :-D


  3. Hey Todd,
    Welcome to Texas! Never lived there myself, but it reminds me of a story.
    A farmer from California asks a rancher from Texas about his ranch.
    It's big, says the Texan, real big. Why I can start driving my pickup after lunch at one end of my land, and after an hour, I still haven't gotten to the other end of my land.

    Hmm, says the Californian farmer... I had a tractor like that once.
    ~ Steve, the trade show guru
    PS. I thought I read a comment by you on RT's blog that you were dropping do-follow, but it looks like it's still here. Did I misunderstand? I hope you keep it!

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  4. lol Steve, you're always good for a laugh ... I appreciate you. As for the dofollow, I got rid of the plug-in, but there appears to still be some "residual" effect. In any case, you needn't worry, if I do go totally no-follow, I'll make sure I still link out to my blogging friends ... I'm sure I can come up with some way to talk about trade shows ;-)


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