Less Than 2 Weeks Remaining In Hawaii

Well, we're in the final count down. I'll be spending this weekend cleaning the house, and we move into billeting on Monday. I'll be on and off the computer for the next couple of week until we get settled in at Fort Hood Tx (arrive on the 2nd of April). In the mean time, please enjoy this Hawaii Sunset picture that I took at the Luau last week:

Hawaiian Sunset Palm Tree Sillouette

(obviously aided by a little photoshop work ... but I like the way it turned out).

Update: per Sire's request in the comments below, I put together a basic tutorial about how I made this image: How to make a Dramatic Colorful Sunset picture

Keep havin FuN!

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  1. I've yet to visit Hawaii but I can imagine that moving away from Hawaii to live in Texas has to be a huge adjustment for all of you. Hopefully the transition won't be too difficult and the kids adjust to their new surroundings and schools with little or no stress. Do you have any relatives at all in Fort Hood or anywhere in Texas?

    me’s last blog post..A Moment Like This Kelly Clarkson-Clarkson Moment Like This Song Lyrics Video

  2. Hi Lin,

    My sister lived near Ft Hood about 10 years ago, so she's filled me in a little bit. Other than that, no relatives. However I do already know a couple of the people that I'll be working with. Leaving Hawaii is never fun, but all-in-all, I'm looking forward to arriving in Texas ... new adventure and all.


  3. Cool photo and theme.

    All the best with your relocation. You might enjoy South Padre Island for a coastal break, and maybe windsurfing or kiteboarding.

    Mike on Anna Maria Island’s last blog post..Family Spring Break

  4. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the tip on South Padre ... I'm sure we'll get down that way eventually ... although coming from Hawaii, the beach won't be such a big deal. Actually, we'll probably be down more your way this summer, as my parents live just north of St. Pete, and I've already promised the kids will be coming to visit.


  5. Damn Todd, but that is a good photo. I absolutely loved Hawaii when I took the family there for a holiday. Perhaps you could post the original so we can see how you manipulated it to get the photo on this post. Hope you like Ft Hood.

    Sire’s last blog post..Thesis Theme Is Just Not Flexible Enough

  6. Have fun in the islands. My wife is in mexico, you're in Hawaii and I'm sitting at my desk wishing I was somewhere else.

    James D’s last blog post..How Will You Ring in 2010?


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