Jordan, Johnathan and I went to see the new Disney movie Enchanted this afternoon. It's part cartoon, part real life and 100% feel good. I'm sure you can probably tell, I liked the movie ... and apparently I'm not the only one: Oh, I'm Enchanted, Enchanted was amazing and a very Enchanted reject report (a few reviews)

So why am I blogging about this movie?

Because in addition to making me smile for an hour and half, surprisingly this filmed also contained some pretty universal "success" lessons ...

  • Happiness is waking up every morning Believing your dreams will come true

  • Sometimes "real" life can seem like a strange and scary place

  • "Crazy" optimists are often more sane than "realistic" pessimists

  • It's possible to get exactly what we want, without all the details looking exactly as we'd originally envisioned them

I've always believed in the idea of Happily Ever After, and this movie does a great job of bringing the concept to life in our modern world.

Whether you have kids or not, it's well worth checking out. Stop back and let me know what lessons (if any) you take away from it.

Keep havin FuN!


  1. Thanks for linking!

    I like your "“Crazy” optimists are often more sane than “realistic” pessimists" - that is so true!

  2. Hi Katja,

    You're welcome, I enjoyed your review. As for question about the message of the movie ... I think it was still about "Love at first sight", except to emphasize that there might be a little more to it than simply sight or sound. All-in-all I think that was a good message for my daughter to see.

    Catch up with you again soon,

  3. hey Todd,
    Though I'm not a fan of Disneyland (I hate lines and crowds), I've got to admit that Disney makes good movies. I had a similar reaction to High School Musical - thought I'd hate it but really enjoyed it, thought I'd never have watched it if it wasn't for the kids. I'll have to add Enchanted to our Netflix account. ~ Steve, the trade show guru

    trade show guru’s last blog post..Remember When

  4. I recently saw it with my boy...Its funny how much an adult can learn from a Disney movie in comparison to all the junk that out there today. have you seen Wall e ? that should be your next pick if not..
    all the best Todd....

  5. Hi Steve,

    lol, with two 11 year olds in the house I'm very familiar with High School Musical ... and most of the other Disney/Nich shows. I think you'll enjoy Enchanted.


  6. Hi Todd,

    First of all, I love you site. For its simplicity, for it's content...everything. Anyway, this post is inspiring. It reminds me that as tough as life is, there is always hope.

    Of course, we tend to forget that every now and then. That's where blogs like yours come on. They remind us to keep going.

    So well done and thank you.


  7. Thanks shz ... I appreciate you.


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