Do You Have A Plan For Your Online Business?

Wow, I just looked at my GoDaddy account ... I have a whole bunch of domain names!

Some are for fun, many are for (or at least are intended for) "business", and some I have absolutely no idea why I bought in the first place. Since it's spring, I figured now is as good a time as any to do a bit of organizing and optimizing of my "online empire".

Lately, this has gotten a little bit easier since I've moved almost all of my domains over to I used to host them on ArborDomains, but at $13.95, they're more expensive than almost everyone else ... which wasn't really a big problem ... until I also ran into an issue with a missed renewal notice; causing me to lose a domain name that I wanted to keep. The biggest problem with Arbor was that all my domains were logged into separately, which made it real easy to forget about some of them. What I like about GoDaddy is that all my domains are viewable from one control panel ... with their expiration dates right there in front of me.

Anyhow ... first thing I'll be doing over these next few days is deciding which domain names I'm just going to let expire when their term is up.

Next I plan to classify each remaining domain by it's intended use. For instance, some are for my candle business, some will be for the ebay affiliate program, some are purely for fun, and some will be niche sites using other type of monetization such as adsense or ebooks.

Finally, and most importantly, I will come up with a schedule for how often I'm going to update each site ... and how often/what methods I will use to promote it (ie, drive traffic).

My main purpose is to get my "Internet ADD" under control. With so many websites, it's amazingly easy to start on a project, get distracted by something else, then realize sometimes months later that you've got a bunch of half built and poorly promoted sites clogging up cyberspace ... and not really contributing towards the realization of my goals.

So that's my plan ... wish me luck.


p.s. other than the obvious solution of not having so many sites, what are some of the ways that you've found to keep your online life better organized?

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  1. I'm a little bit all over the place with my internet stuff too. I need to put a plan together and execute it rather quickly. No time like the present!

    Brandon’s last blog post..Franchising For Cash Flow

  2. I'm in the exact situation you are in with 100+ godaddy domain names. I can't even remember how I got all of them.

    I'm thinking of following a plan like yours. One question though: Why would you let a domain expire? Why not try selling it on eBay instead? Or, are some domain names simply not sellable.


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