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Do You Have A Plan For Your Online Business?

Wow, I just looked at my GoDaddy account ... I have a whole bunch of domain names! Some are for fun, many are for (or at least are intended for) "business", and some I have absolutely no idea why I bought in the first place. Since it's spring, I figured now is as good a time as any to do a bit of organizing and optimizing of my "online empire". Lately, this has gotten a little bit easier since I've moved almost all of my domains over to I used to host them on ArborDomains, but at $13.95, they're more expensive than almost everyone else ... which wasn't really a big problem ... until I also ran into an issue with a missed renewal notice; causing me to lose a domain name that I wanted to keep. The biggest problem with Arbor was that all my domains were logged into separately, which made it real easy to forget about some of them. What I like about GoDaddy is that all my domains are viewable from one control panel ... with their expirati

It's All About The Story

Ever notice how Network Marketers love to make things more complicated than they have to be? We spend tons of money, and countless hours looking for the "secret" of how to do this business. The truth is, network marketing is actually pretty simple. The best explanation I've heard so far about how to build a network marketing business came from Bob Schmitz at a training I attended a few years ago for my candle business. He said that when it comes to sponsoring new people, you just have to do 3 things ... Show the Product Tell Your Story Tell the Company's Story And if that doesn't work, you might try ... Tell Your Story Show the Product Tell the Company's Story Or even ... Tell the Company's Story Show the Product Tell Your Story You get the idea. Provided that you've got a good product or service, the way that YOU stand out, and attract quality people into your organization is with your story . And do you want to know what the really cool part is? It

Less Than 2 Weeks Remaining In Hawaii

Well, we're in the final count down. I'll be spending this weekend cleaning the house, and we move into billeting on Monday. I'll be on and off the computer for the next couple of week until we get settled in at Fort Hood Tx (arrive on the 2nd of April). In the mean time, please enjoy this Hawaii Sunset picture that I took at the Luau last week: (obviously aided by a little photoshop work ... but I like the way it turned out). Update: per Sire's request in the comments below, I put together a basic tutorial about how I made this image: How to make a Dramatic Colorful Sunset picture Keep havin FuN! Todd


Jordan, Johnathan and I went to see the new Disney movie Enchanted this afternoon. It's part cartoon, part real life and 100% feel good. I'm sure you can probably tell, I liked the movie ... and apparently I'm not the only one: Oh, I'm Enchanted , Enchanted was amazing and a very Enchanted reject report (a few reviews) So why am I blogging about this movie? Because in addition to making me smile for an hour and half, surprisingly this filmed also contained some pretty universal "success" lessons ... Happiness is waking up every morning Believing your dreams will come true Sometimes "real" life can seem like a strange and scary place "Crazy" optimists are often more sane than "realistic" pessimists It's possible to get exactly what we want, without all the details looking exactly as we'd originally envisioned them I've always believed in the idea of Happily Ever After, and this movie does a great job of bring

The 7 Things Meme

So I got tagged by Brandon from Almost Millionaire to participate in this meme; 7 things you might not know about me. Without further ado, here we go ... My one major "vice" is caffeine. I probably drink at least a 2 liter bottle of Diet Mt. Dew everyday ... sometimes more. I keep saying I'm going to cut back or quit, and Ana keeps rolling her eyes at me. Like most things, I suspect my wife is probably right on this one. I attended 7 different schools before I graduated (Air Force brat). Unfortunately, my son Justin has me beat. He's currently a sophomore in high school , and is on school #9 ... with the possibility of #10 if his mom and step-dad have to move when Michael leaves the Marines this summer. I've been playing golf on and off since I was 8 years old. When I was a teenager I could even break par on a few rare occasions, but lately I'm thrilled to shoot anything in the low 80s. None-the-less "retiring" to the golf course is still

Todd Goes To A Party

One of my neighbors had a birthday party tonight. His tv is one of those projectors that hangs from the ceiling, with a screen that covers the entire wall ... and he has a fridge with a keg in it. We drank beer and watched 80s music videos on the big screen. Well, sort of 80s, he taped some shows called Crossroads, with new singers and old performing together. This was one of my favorites: Taylor Swift and Def Leppard, Pour Some Sugar on Me httpv:// Keep havin FuN! Todd p.s. Brandon, I promise I'll get to the meme tomorrow :-)

Positive Visioning ... Making Up The Future

I think at some point along the line, I probably "stole" this idea from John Milton Fogg . But, since I've been using it myself (and sharing it with others) for a couple of years now, I'm going to go ahead and serve up my own interpretation here in the following paragraphs. Can you Predict the Future? Seriously. Can we ever really say with 100% certainty what will happen a year from now? How about a month from now? A week? A day? A minute? Heck, when you get right down to it, do we honestly even know exactly what's going to happen 10 second from now? Sure, most of us can make a pretty good guess about what we think the future will bring ... especially in the near term. But unless you're a clairvoyant who answered "yes" to the above questions, isn't it fair to say that when it come to forecasting our short term destinies ... We're basically Making it All Up. Are you with me so far? Can you accept the premise that essentially every si

Selecting a company

How to select a company: First off, let me say there are wide variety of quality network marketing companies out there ... with different products/services to suite just about any interest. This little section is not meant to be a definitive guide to choosing a "good" company. But, I am going to share with you three simple little "rules" that I've found to be useful when it comes to selecting a quality business ... Products/Services - Let's call this one the "would you buy it" rule ... Basically, would you (or other "real" people that you know) purchase the company's products or services (at the RETAIL price) even if there was NO money making opportunity involved? Now if you come up with a "no" to this question, it doesn't necessarily mean that the opportunity is a "scam" or "pyramid scheme". However, based on my experience I can tell you that you would have an extremely hard time succeeding with any