Reverse Fate

I have kind of a funny way of looking at "fate" ...

I don't believe that any of our futures are predetermined, or destined to be. Each day, we make literally millions of little decisions that each have an impact on what our future will bring, and the next set of choices we will be presented.

In short, whether we realize it or not, we do have control of our imminent destiny.

But, here's where my view of things gets a little more interesting ...

I also absolutely believe that everything that has happened to us in the past ... whether 10 seconds, or 10 years ago ... has happened for a reason.

Once it's done, we couldn't have changed it if we wanted to.

However, we can (and should) use our past (even Very recent) to guide our future decision making.

Two main "truths" I (try to) take away from my theory:

1) Nothing ever "happens to" us. One way or another we made a decision (or more likely many decisions) that put in a each and every situation we find ourselves.

2) If we accept the premise that everything in the past happened for a reason, it's almost guaranteed that the greatest lessons and opportunities will often come from the circumstances that seem to make the Least Sense at the time.

I sometimes ... ok, often ... struggle with both of these "truths".

At the same time though, there is something very liberating about this set of beliefs. I can't change the past, and I have control over my future. lol, unless I really suck at decision making, that's a pretty hopeful message.

So what are some of your beliefs about fate and destiny?


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