Moving Day

The movers will be here in a little over an hour. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure we got all the last minute organizing done yesterday. I'm just going to make this quick post, then retire my MacBook Pro to it's back pack, and let it join the rest of our "keep here" stuff in the "safe room" (the one with the big masking tape X on the door saying "movers, don't take this stuff").

We're not actually leaving Hawaii until the 1st of April. But, with our stuff about to head out the door, it's definitely sinking in, that I only have so many Hawaii sunsets left to see as a resident ... next time we'll just be tourists like everyone else.

Even so, as I went through my routine of "what's good about this", it was quite easy to come up with something I won't miss about paradise ... the Hawaii traffic. Here's hoping Texas traffic is at least a tad bit better.

Ok, Ana just came in and pointed out that I do still have more to do ... surround sound speakers are still up on the wall.

"See" you on Friday or Saturday.

Keep havin FuN!


  1. I am actually still saying...."Whats good about this"
    My wife told me that she hated the color that I picked for the bathroom cabinets upstairs. I felt overcome with rage as this is the second time I've had to sand it down and repaint....accept, wife heard me saying..."whats good about this"

  2. lol .. hey Grog ... I'm glad to hear that it's helping ... keep at it !

    Todd’s last blog post..Happy Marriage Tips

  3. hi Todd,
    Hawaii to Texas. That's a big change! Good luck with the move.
    ~ Steve, the trade show guru
    PS. I've just vacationed in Hawaii (twice). I'm guessing it must have been awesome to live there?

    trade show guru’s last blog post..Do Trade Show Giveaway Pens Work?


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