How To Know When Internet Marketing Works

Have you ever bought an Internet Marketing product, and as you're watching/listening/reading it, you're thinking to yourself: "yea, that all sounds good, but how do I know that it really works?"

I recently purchased a product about using google adwords.

I've been listening the the MP3s on my ipod every morning and afternoon while I'm stuck in traffic (not on the headphones, that would be dangerous; I have a cord to plug it into the car's audio system). Two of the lessons were about building landing pages, and incorporating upsells.

Well, as their describing landing pages, and the importance of a good headline, they explained that most people will read the headline, then immediately scroll all the way to the bottom of the page ... presumably to see how much it costs. LOL, have these guys been spying on me? That is EXACTLY what I do when I'm thinking about buying an information product.

Maybe they just got lucky.

Then, when their describing the upsell, they talked about a technique called "the bucket system", where after you've made the initial purchase, they make you an "irresistible offer" ... something along the lines of: "each of these products normally sell for $97 each, but since we appreciate you as a customer, you can choose any single product for $67, and get the other 3 FREE".

Guess who bought 4 more products after his initial purchase?

Either I'm a world class sucker, or these guys really know what the heck they're talking about.

Needless to say, I'm intently listening to the rest of their audios ... and I definitely feel like I've already gotten my money's worth. ;-)

Keep havin FuN!


  1. Sounds interesting. What's the name of the product you bought?

    Spot Cool Websites’s last blog post..The Best Hosts For A WordPress Blog

  2. Hi Spot,

    The course is called "Get Money from Google".


  3. hi Todd,
    It makes sense that people want to know the price before they spend time reading all the copy.
    It also makes sense that if you think like a customer and ask "what kind of offer would I want" that you'll do better than thinking like a company that asks "how much money can I make."
    ~ Steve, the trade show guru

    trade show guru’s last blog post..Respect Authority


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