10 Laws of Leadership

Yesterday, as part of the 15-day online boot camp, I received this list in my email box:

10 Laws of Leadership:

1. The Leader must have a dream larger than those he/she leads.
2. The Leader must have an attitude superior to those he/she leads.
3. The Leader is responsible and admits when he/she has made a mistake.
4. The Leader is a decision maker.
5. The Leader puts those he/she leads first.
6. The Leader sets the example by being in the front of the pack.
7. The Leader displays a commitment to integrity and character.
8. The Leader strives for excellence in all things.
9. The Leader displays a commitment to personal growth.
10. The Leader has the highest level of persistence and determination.

The action item to go along with this list, was to write it down on a piece of paper, and rate myself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each area. Then over the coming weeks and months, I'll periodically re-evaluate myself, and update the ratings. My goal is to honestly become a "10" in each area.

I thought any leaders, or budding leaders, who might be reading this, might also want to do this exercise themselves.

Hope it helps ...


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