Military Physical Training Workout

push-upsOne of the best things about being assigned to an Army Support unit is that we get to do PT (Physical Training) pretty much every day of the week. I thought it might be interesting to post an outline of the Exercise Program that we do 2-3 days a week up at Wheeler.

We call this the Knipe workout (named after SMSgt Knipe who was the superintendent of the 25 ASOS when I first got there). It's also affectionately known the ab killer. You'll definitely feel it the next day. For each of the exercises, I'll try to find a good link or two that gives directions on how to do it.

  • We pretty much always start the morning with a 3-6 mile run (or 45 minutes, which ever comes first). Once we meet back up and get a little water, we have 10 minutes or so of stretching, either individually, or as a group.

After we're done stretching, it's on to the fun stuff; 20-30 minutes of strength exercises ...

  • The first exercise on the PT field is always the Push-Up ... we do 10 by the 4 count (it's a military thing, all exercises are 4 count, so basically you always do twice as many).

  • Crunches - 20x4:

  • Reverse Crunch - 20x4:

  • Bicycles - 20x4:

  • Diamond Push-Ups - 10x4:

  • Regular Push-Ups - 10x4

  • >Kickouts - 10x4 in each direction (front, right, left, front)

  • Oblique Crunch - 20x4 on each side

  • Flutter Kicks - 30x4:

  • Arm Rotations - 30x4, front and back

  • Mountain Climbers - 20x4

  • 8 Count Ranger Body Builders - 10x8:

  • Side Crunches - 20x4 each side

  • V-Ups - 15x4

  • Scissors (aka "Hello Dolly's) - 20x4:

  • Last exercise on the PT field - Push-Ups - 10x4

  • More water, shower, and off to work. And I'm not joking when I say you'll feel this the next day. Go ahead, give it a try if you don't believe me.

    Keep havin FuN!

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