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Military Physical Training Workout

One of the best things about being assigned to an Army Support unit is that we get to do PT (Physical Training) pretty much every day of the week. I thought it might be interesting to post an outline of the Exercise Program that we do 2-3 days a week up at Wheeler. We call this the Knipe workout (named after SMSgt Knipe who was the superintendent of the 25 ASOS when I first got there). It's also affectionately known the ab killer . You'll definitely feel it the next day. For each of the exercises, I'll try to find a good link or two that gives directions on how to do it. We pretty much always start the morning with a 3-6 mile run (or 45 minutes, which ever comes first). Once we meet back up and get a little water , we have 10 minutes or so of stretching , either individually, or as a group. After we're done stretching, it's on to the fun stuff; 20-30 minutes of strength exercises ... The first exercise on the PT field is always the Push-Up ... we do 10 by