Hiking The Manana Trail

Manana Hiking Trail

It’s Statehood day here in Hawaii, which meant there was no flying up at Wheeler. It wouldn’t have been right to totally take the day off, so instead we organized a group PT session hiking up the Manana trail.

Eight weather people showed up bright and early at 0830 with water, bug spray, granola bars and cameras. Well, six of them showed up at 0830, two of us don’t read directions very well, and initially went to a different trail a couple of mile up the road. But after a quick phone call, we made it to the right place.

Of course I brought my camera, so I have a few pictures to share, along with a bit of narration.

Obligatory signs at the bottom of the trail:

grafiti sign at bottom of manana trail

Obviously some people a bit younger than us come here from time to time.

After a couple hundred yards of paved trail, we came around a corner, and started our climb.

up the manana trail

I’m an “old” guy with a bad knee at the moment. But even for me, this wasn’t a bad hike. Some parts of the climb were a little bit steep, and I would imaging that it might be a little slippery when wet … thankfully it wasn’t raining today.

We were treated to some great views on the way up.

wainae mountain range

This photo has sunlit trees in the valley, with the Wainae mountain range and Mililani in the distance.

The just on the other side of the trail we could look down and see the ships in Pearl Harbor.

pearl harbor ships from above

After about 2 hours on the hill, we stopped for a quick rest near the top.

rest with a view

… then started back down.

hiking back down Manana trail

It was a decent workout, a lot of nice scenery, and fun to hang out with my workmates. All-in-all, not a bad way to spend a morning “at work”.

I took a few more pictures than just what I posted here. You can see the rest of them over on my flickr page.

Aloha til next time …



  1. Looks like a great hike. I've never done it but it's on my list.


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