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Today is "link love day" here on Todd's tips

link love

If you're anything like me, you probably have literally hundreds of blog posts in your feed reader still waiting to be scanned through. When I find a blog I like, it's usually not a hard decision to subscribe via RSS.

But just because I've subscribed, doesn't necessarily make me a "regular reader".

That being said, every morning when I get up, I check google reader before I go to work. There are a couple of blogs, that I definitely go read right away if I see they have new posts.

Following is a small sample of from my list of

Must Read Blogs

  • Tellin It Like It Is - Lin Burress has been one of my better blogging friends for several months now. Hers is always one of the first blogs I read, and one of the few I try to comment on regularly. She writes about Relationships, Marriage and Parenting. And as you can probably guess from the title of her blog, she definitely "tells it like it is".

  • Seth's Blog - Ok, I know many of you are probably already well aware of Seth Godin. This isn't the only "A list" blog I subscribe to, but it one of only two that I'm going to link to here ... because I do try to read it every day. For anybody who wants to learn how to be a better marketer, this should be on your list too. I had planned to link to a few posts, but honestly I can't choose. I'd say just head on over and subscribe ... if you're not already.

  • Zen Habits - This is the other "A-List" blog that I would definitely recommend reading every day. And just like Seth's blog above, I'm not going to try to pick out just 2 or 3 of Leo's posts ... they are All worth reading. But just to give you an idea, here's a recent posts that I enjoyed: 7 Little Habits that can Change Your Life , and if you've never been to Zen Habits before, there is a post from July that serves as a guided tour to Zen Habits

  • Belief Busters - I've followed John Milton Fogg for a lot of years now. I was a member of his Greatest Networker Community back when it was just an email list. If there's one thing you can say about JMF, it's that he always seems to be giving more than he expects in return. This post from last week is a great example: 67 Self-Help Success classics FREE. Head on over and sign up for the BeliefBusters report ... you'll be glad you did.

  • - In addition to all the other things I'm interested in, I'm a bit of a political junkie (although I don't really write about it on this blog). Five Thirty Eight is by far my favorite political blog. The premise is that 538 is the number of delegates needed to win the Presidency in the electoral college. The site/blog is mainly about interpreting polls, based on a complex, and continually updated computer model. In addition to the polling information, they also offer some relatively balanced commentary, although for the most part, they seem to be a little tilted towards Obama (which doesn't really bother me).

Well, it looks like my list is getting a little long, so I think I'm going to cut it off here. Obviously, there are also a few marketing related blogs on my daily reading list. I'll make a new post about those resources next Sunday.

Until then ... keep havin FuN!


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