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Eats Poop and Sleeps

Ever seen that book with the panda on the cover? Well, I had one of those moments the other day ... My step-son Johnathan brought one of his friends in the house, and for some reason their first stop is always over at the crib to look at his new little sister Jaiden. As they walked away from the crib, they asked " how come whenever we come in the house, she's never awake ?" Well, me wanting to be the knowledgeable and informative dad, proceed to tell them ... "She's only a couple of days old, pretty much all she does is eat poop and sleep ." Now, I'm pretty sure Jeff wasn't serious, but his timing sure was pretty good. He immediately scrunched up his face, looked straight at me, and in a dead serious tone of voice said ... "Ewwww ... she eats poop????" lol, ugh, kids. So that was my lesson in punctuation. From now on, I know that when describing a typical day for my 5 day old daughter, I will be sure to clearly states that she Eats (com

Smile Therapy

Did you know that it's virtually impossible to hold a negative thought while you're smiling ? Go ahead, try it ... Put a big ole smile on your face (even it's one of those fake ones); then try to think about something that really upsets or worries you. It wasn't easy, was it ? " Ok, Todd, that's interesting, but why is this something I should know ?", you may be asking yourself. Because, if in our little experiment, you had a hard time holding a negative thought while smiling; do you think it's possible that smiling might help to change your thoughts at times when that negativity is already there? ... letting you get back to using your brain for more productive activities . Give it a go next time you're upset, angry or worried. Force yourself to put a big grin on your face, and don't stop until you're thinking about something happy . (or at least not unhappy). Have fun with it :-D Todd p.s. what are some other good ways that you'