Unique Business Ideas

So I'm watching CNN very early this morning, and they were interviewing a couple who run a very unique business ...

It's a dog poop clean up service.

I almost laughed, until they started talking about where their business is at now. They currently have franchises in over 40 territories, and revenue of about $60 Million

What I really loved was how the guy came up with the idea for the business ...

He was stuck in traffic, and was trying to come up with an idea for a business that he and his wife could start. He remembered how much he didn't like cleaning up after his dogs when he was younger, and figured many people might feel the same way.

He said several time during the interview that if you can find something that people don't like doing, but that needs to be done, there might be a good business opportunity.

Makes sense to me.



  1. You mean all this time that I have been mowing the lawn with the dog poop all this time and putting up with the smell has all been in vain? I could actually have paid someone to pick it up first? Now you tell me :D

    Sires last blog post..The Harley, The Vaseline And Sex On The Dinner Table


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