Independence Day at Schofield Barracks

With no kids in the house (mine are in North Carolina, and Ana's are with their dad) we decided that sitting home and watching lifetime movies just wasn't going to be a very good way to spend the 4th of July, so we took a quick jaunt up to Schofield to check out the holiday festivities.


Luckily we were there early, so it wasn't overly crowded. They had some good food booths (we had Puerto Rican BBQ), games for the kids, and several rows of booths selling things. In addition they had a big stage (which you can see in the picture) where Billy Ray Cirrus will be playing later this evening. lol, you wouldn't believe how many 10 year old girls are already there wondering if Miley came too.

We left early to beat the traffic. But fortunately we have a great view of 3 fireworks shows from the beach here at Iroquois Point. I'll post some fireworks pictures tomorrow.

I hope you all had and/or continue to have a fun day.

Aloha til later ..



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