Iroquois Point Mini Mart

... or as my wife likes to call it, "my favorite store".


Seriously, this little NEX mini-mart is definitely one of the conveniences of living here in Iroquois Point. I probably do average at least one visit a day to the mini-mart ... the days I don't go are made up for on the days when I "forget" something the 1st or even 3rd time I walk over and have to make a return trip later.

With gas prices now pretty much $4 a gallon all over the Island, even the couple of cents a gallon I save by filling up at a military pump is worthwhile. And the fact that I have a military gas station 2 minutes from driveway makes the task even that little bit easier.

In addition to gas, I'm probably their biggest Diet Mt. Dew and chocolate chip Cliff bar customer. We also get pretty much all of our milk and bread there.

Sad as it is to say, the quote from my wife above probably isn't far off the mark ... I really do like our little store.

Aloha til tomorrow,


  1. I too live at Iroquois Point and I love the convenience of our mini-mart. At one point there was a rumor of it closing, but I am glad that it didn't happen. That would indeed be a major inconvenience to many people. Everytime I go there, I always see at least 6 cars there. It's good exercise for me from where I live, so I don't mind walking over there. Please whatever happens don't leave this area. Also the guys at thr bases come over - so it's very useful.

  2. Hi, i live right by this mini mart and i was wondering if you guys needed help with anything. Im 12 years old and I could help sort out things and make time go by faster, thanks.

  3. Hi Kelli,

    Unfortunately we don't live there anymore ... moved to the mainland :-(

    Enjoy Hawaii it's a great place to grow up (I lived there when I was a kid too).

    p.s. thanks for the offer of help though ;-)


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