Defying Death On Kunia Road

Sorry, no picture today ... and I apologize in advance for the following RANT.

Can somebody please tell me why people today are in such a hurry that they'll risk not only their own lives, but those of others to save a shave a couple of lousy minutes off their drive time?

It's been about 30 minutes, and my heart is still beating faster than normal. At this point, I don't know whether I'm more scared or mad. I was coming home from work about about 11:15pm, driving down Kunia Road from Schofield towards Ewa Beach. It was already bad enough that many people are too inconsiderate to turn off their brights, so every time there were cars coming the other direction I was almost blinded anyway. But then, about halfway down the road, as I was being blinded again, at the last minute I was lucky enough to notice that there were two sets of headlights... and one of them was in my lane!

I had to slam on my breaks and veer to the right, almost off the road.

And would you believe the punk didn't even slow down ... just kept speeding right along on his merry way.

He probably got up to Schofield a whole 5 minutes sooner.

In the two years that I've been here there have been several fatal crashes on Kunia road.

Almost all of them having been caused by some moron passing illegally.

I just don't understand it.

Slow down !!

... is the couple of minutes you're saving really worth the risk?

Ok, stepping down off my soap box.

Aloha til next time,


  1. argh, can you believe that? I have some share of problem drivers here in the island, too I swear if they wanna kill themselves I just hope they won't risk others to their death, talk about crappy drivers!

    kitty's last blog post..daddy's corner

  2. [...] I remember when I deployed in 2007, my mom (as moms are wont to be) was all upset that I was going "off to war". I explained to her at the time that in all likelihood, I would probably be relatively safer during my time in Iraq than I would at home ... simply because I wouldn't have to drive back and forth to work every day (on Kunia Road). [...]


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