Teeing Off at Mamala Bay Golf Course

Today's Hawaii Picture of the Day is a view from behind the 1st tee at Mamala Bay golf course on Hickam AFB.


I have vivid memories of this course from when I was a kid ... although, mostly from fishing in the reef runway lagoon ... I was too young to play the "big course", so most of my golf adventures were confined to the base par-3 course.

This first hole has a big drop off from the tee shot, but still always seems to play a bit longer than the score card indicates. That being said, a nice little draw off of that big tree on the right can definitely set the tone for a good round.

Aloha til next time ...


  1. Wow. Even the scenary while you're teeing off looks so serene and nice. =/ I would love to go to Hawaii one day for a vacation. Haha! It's just too tempting.


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