Sand Crab

One of my favorite things about Living in Hawaii as a kid was hunting for sand crabs on the beach down at Bellows.


The picture of this little guy was taken right here at the beach at Iroquois Point. Around sunset, as the tide is coming in, the crabs all start to come out. I've taken the kids before, but I think it's time we made another night time trip down there. With a big flashlight, sand crab hunting is actually pretty easy. When the light is shined right in their eyes, the crab freezes ... making it quite easy for a kid to dive in from the back to grab him and put it in the bucket.

When I was a kid, we used to try to take them home and "raise" them as "pets" ... they usually lasted about 2-3 days. One time, on the drive home, a crab got out of our bucket and actually grabbed onto my dad's toe while he was driving. Very funny at the time, but now that I think about it, having a crab pinch a driver's toe while going through the Pali tunnel probably could have had a fairly unhappy ending. But hey, I'm still here, so it's all good.

Aloha til next time.



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