Pride of Aloha Cruise Ship Sailing into Hilo

This is aerial shot of the Pride of Aloha Cruise ship pulling into Hilo Harbor. It was taken from the window of our C-26 as we were on our way over to the big Island of Hawaii for a day trip to Bradshaw Army Airfield.


Short cruises had been quite a popular activity here in the Islands. Unfortunately, it appears that this particular ship the Pride of Aloha is actually leaving Hawaii this week. Even with this departure, I know we still have ships docking in Honolulu Harbor on a pretty regular basis.

I haven't done a lot of checking into it just yet, but I have promised my wife that I'll take her on a Cruise Ship sometime before we leave Hawaii. Hopefully there'll still be a few of these magnificent boats left in the Islands by that time.

Until then, I'll just have to look at this Hawaii Picture of the Day and dream about kicking back on one of those deck chairs next to the pool. Alternatively, I suppose we could just take a cheap vacation to Mexico ;-)


  1. I used to work in the tourist industry for a summer and I hated it when that ship came in. The line in the store I worked at used to stretch all the way to the back whenever it was in. I used to dread Thursdays. :P

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