Pit Bull

If you're Living in Hawaii you'd better not be scared of pit bulls. The pit bull terrier has got to be the most popular dog in Hawaii. My family and I used to go down to the humane society all the time, and I swear about 85% of the dogs had at least a bit of Pit mixed in.


Today's Hawaii Picture of the Day is a portrait of "Pretty"; who we've been dog sitting for the past week and a half. I was a little skeptical at first about having a pit bull in our back yard, when we have young kids and a 3lbs chihuahua. But, after this time with Pretty, I definitely buy into the idea that how a dog is raised is more important than it's breed. This particular dog was more likely to lick someone to death than bite them ... and that includes our chihuahua.

I still doubt I'll ever own a pit bull ... but I also don't think I'll be quite as likely to prejudge them in the future.

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  1. I believe the saying "it's how a dog is raised, not the breed that defines a dog". When I was younger I remember my mother always named the top common "evil dog breeds" she claimed she would "never have". In that list was the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Boxer, and Doberman Pincher. Only one I have not had is the Boxer, so much for her saying "never".

    I found a stray miniature Doberman Pincher when I was younger, was the first breed out the list we had. We had it for several years until it was stolen out the backyard, never did find him. :( He was full of energy, but never mean.

    Second on the list was the Rottweiler (which we still have). My brother's dog had puppies, the one dad picked up happen to grow up and resemble a Rottweiler a bunch. We've never had problems with him, he's full of bark with no bite.

    Third out of that list is a Pit Bull. My sister's Collie had puppies, the one we decided to take started resembling a Pit more and more over time. We still have her, and she's a good dog, but I will admit we've had some incidents with her.

    However again I do not believe it is her breed at fault. Dad and I blame it on mom, she treats them like children and allows them to get away with everything. So when dad and I try to train them it's somewhat pointless, we can train them to listen to us, but mom wonders why they do not obey her.

    Further into it, all the incidents happen when mom is around. Incidents include getting in fights with our other dogs, and even snapping at someone. This only happens when mom is the only one around so I believe it's because mom is always nervous and paranoid. So because she thinks "what if it happens" she gets nervous, the dog detects this and takes it as a sign of weakness, taking leadership into it's own hands (or in this case paws)

    One of these times I was shampooing the floor, mom was in the hallway with our terror and Pit. I couldn't hear due to the shampoo machine, but mom finally yelled loud enough I turned it off. Our Pit was on the terror attacking it, and of course mom couldn't do anything besides watch and yell (that didn't help). I got her off the terror, was laying on her and she was lifting my whole body off the ground (I was 230lb!).

    After $220 in vet bills for stitches, and close observation I determined it was the terror who triggered the attack in the first place, not the Pit Bull... Long story short, any dog no matter the breed can trigger an attack, the only difference is the size.

    I've had her bite me and put seven holes in my right hand as well, that was my fault though as I was trying to swing my arm around her neck as I could tell she was about to attack another of our dogs. She went to attack mid-swing, my hand went right in her mouth. After the rolling around she ran off and I stopped mom from beating her with a broom. She (the Pit) was sleeping in my bed that same night.


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