Na Pua O Hawaii


Whew, it's been a long day here in Hawaii. First we had the kids May festival at Iroquois Point elementary school. It was called Na Pua O Hawaii which means The Children of Hawaii. I took a ton of pictures, but have only had a chance to process a few. The one above is of our 3 that attend the school; after the program was over.

Then at lunch time we went to a cook out / going-away party for a couple of our troops who are on their way to Iraq next week. It was a fun time, we sat around eating and playing games for about 6 hours. I just got home a little while ago. Time to veg out and watch a little tv.

I hope you're all enjoying the start to your holiday weekend, no matter where you're at.

Aloha til tomorrow,


  1. I was wondering what is it like living in Hawaii With a daughter?? I am considering moving to the big island where my dad is living .. Any help would be great on the child situation there. Thank you

  2. My teacher at Iroquois Point was Clarice Evans. She taught my kindergarten class. Last time I checked, she was still there. I won second place in a lei making contest in 1973. I think of my old school every May Day (Lei Day).

    I think I've told you before, I'm a 41 year old college student. I'll graduate in three years and would love to send her an invitation. I'm majoring in Education with two certifications, special education and early childhood.

    Talk to you later


  3. Hi Lorie,

    Mrs, Evans was actually honored at the program. She is retiring this year. I'm not sure if she's even still at the school right now .. they made it sound like she was already on half days.


  4. thanks for the info. I will mail a card now. Hopefully they will forward it to her.



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