Loco Moco Plate Lunch

Whenever we don't feel like cooking, we head on down to one of the many "drive-ins" here in Hawaii for a plate lunch. One of our favorites is the Loco Moco here in Ewa Beach.

DaKine - Loco Moco

Ironically, I don't normally have the Loco Moco, which is rice with hamburger, gravy and an egg ... but it is one of my wife's favorites. I usually go for chicken katsu plate lunches.

While surfing the net for info to use this post, I actually found a website with coupons for the Loco Moco here in Ewa Beach ... http://www.ecouponshawaii.com/detailed.aspx?nid=11&aid=249

If you're in the area, and feeling a bit hungry, it's worth checking out.



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