Wheeler Battlefield Weather Team

I had to bring my camera and tripod to work today ... apparently I'm the unit's "camera guy".


We needed to have a flight picture to celebrate our recent award as the Air Force Weather small unit of the year. This is a pretty big deal actually ... for a unit to win an Air Force level award. Our Major is a good writer, I'm sure that helped ... but, I'm also sure it didn't hurt that we were in Iraq pretty much all of last year. At one point, almost everybody in our unit was either deployed, or returning from deployment. And apparently we did a good job. ;-)

Anyhow, this is the image that will probably end up hanging on our wall. Until then, it will just be the Alohateam Hawaii Picture of the Day.


  1. Thanks for the pic Todd. Lisa (the 4th from the left) is my niece. Please extend to her my congratualations and let her know I am proud of her. Thanks.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Yes, Lisa is my troop ... she and Cory were just over here yesterday for my wife's baby shower actually. I'll definitely pass on your message.



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