Wheeler Army Airfield at Night

Wheeler Army Airfield is located in central Oahu, and is home to the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade. Basically, this where the helicopters that support Schofield Barracks live and train. I've worked here as a weather forecaster for about 2 years now. With all the aircraft, and the weather associated with our location on the middle of the Island, it's can be a great place to take interesting pictures.


Today's Hawaii Picture of the Day, is actually one I took the other night. The easterly trade winds were just coming back, but there was still plenty of moisture and instability from an upper level disturbance to our southwest. The result was a pretty dramatic sky scene when I made a long exposure (luckily I had my tripod in the trunk).

I hope you enjoy the photo.

Aloha til next time ...


  1. Looks like something out of The Terminator.. Ha! Great pictures Todd.


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