The Root of Happiness

"True Happiness is not Having what you Want ... it's Wanting what you Have"

I've always loved that quote.

... mainly because of the simple truth behind it.

Obviously, I'm a big fan of goal setting. And I have nothing at all against the desire to achieve "more and better".

But ...

If you ever let your happiness depend on getting something that you don't have yet, you're probably dooming yourself to a pretty unfulfilled life.

Being able to honestly appreciate the gifts we already have in our life is always the necessary first step to attracting "more and better".

Are you Wanting what you Have today?


  1. Hi Todd!

    Great blog topic! I really love that quote and find it to be sooo true...loving what you already have; being grateful, too, is what really matters. I think we spend so much time searching, that we lose sight of the beauty right before our eyes...

    Always a pleasure my friend, and, I enjoyed our conversation-

    All the best, Julie Andrews

  2. Hey Julie!

    Thanks for stopping by ... glad to see you getting out and commenting on blogs ;-)

    I enjoyed our conversation as well.


  3. Hi Cam,

    Happiness is a way of thinking ... I like that.


  4. My second stop. I've already been to Alohateam. I'll be back.

    RT Cunningham's last blog post..Comment King/Queen Award For The Week Ending On April 19, 2008


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