Successful People are Not Computer Addicts

That's pretty clear cut and simple isn't it.

I don't care how much money you make (or intend to make), if you're spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer, you are NOT successful ... at least from my point of view.

So, here's the trick then ...

How do we go about developing a successful (online) money making venture while only spending an hour or less a day on the computer?

I think one of the first steps is to adopt this motto that I heard on Mark Yarnell's Holy Grail CD ...

Do one thing, do it well, finish it.

I like it.

Catch up with you again soon !


  1. Well, I think I'm sensing a trend in your posting :)
    I all depends on what your goals are I guess. If, like me, you need to replace a job that requires you to work 11 or more hours per day 6.5 days a week, and you think you can do it by setting up around 100 niche sites, you might be motivated to work a little harder than you would like to at first.
    The initial six months will be hard, and then if successful give me more time with family and friends than before and on my own terms. I'll never make it to visit Hawaii working my regular job. No time!

  2. Hi Ricardo,

    Yes, lol and unfortunately that's often the hardest part. :-)


  3. Hey Tim,

    It looks like you're off to a good start. I now know where to go if I need some Camping and Hiking Backpacks.

    As for me, I just found I was spending too much time online ... and much of it not on the "right" things.

    For instance, this blog has been a struggle for me. Especially when I was trying to post every day. And, I was finding myself "reading" more than I was actually working ... a very easy trap to fall into when pursuing the Make Money segment of blogging.

    It's a total opposite with my Hawaii blog. I love to take pictures, and even though it took me almost a year to figure it out, I think I finally "found my niche" ... I actually look forward to coming home and making a post on that blog every day.

    ... and the real bonus is, once it's done, I can spend time with my family without feeling like I'm "neglecting my work".

    I am still working the BANS sites as well. But, my road to 100 is probably going to stretch out over the course of 2-3 years. Now that I've learned how to set them up, I'll devote an hour or two on the weekends to producing content, and link building.

    ... but family will be my priority.

    I've always considered "being rich" to involve much more than how many zeros are in your bank balance. Sometimes it's too easy to forget.

    I wish you well in your endeavors ... and if I can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

    Keep havin FuN!

  4. Hey buddy! I've been a little out of the loop in the blogging world lately, but am slowly catching up and getting back into the swing of things. :)

    True. Spending an inordinate amount of time on the computer does not a successful person make. That's why this is such a good post. It's a perfect example of the "Do one thing, do it well, finish it." philosophy. :)

    Shine on,

    Aaron Cook's last blog post..Hump Day Humor: Russian Dolls - Alex Nussbaum

  5. I suppose to be successful at anything you have to be devoted to it, committed and yes you have to finish what you start. i reckon that this would also apply to computer addicts. I reckon there are a few out there who are glued to the monitor and make quite a bit of cash while they are at it.

    Sire's last blog post..And They Say That Women Do Not Worship The Penis

  6. I've always thought it best to really work one thing and complete it. Success is less likely to occur if we are too widely dispersed. I try to spend my computer time wisely. I have been taking a lot more time outside of the ol' pc the past few weeks and it's done me a lot of good. Blogging for me is a fun hobby and I really enjoy the people above anything else. Nice, straight to the point post Todd, have a great day:)

    Bobby Revell's last blog post..Bobby’s Batch #14 - The Power of Blogging

  7. Hi Aaron,

    Spending too much time on the computer is definitely something I've struggled with from time to time. I do like to blog ... but every once in a while, I just get a little overwhelmed ... especially when I've taken on too many projects at once.

    Just like you, I'm attempting to get "back in the swing" of things. I'm glad to see you stopped by. No matter how overwhelming things get, my new blogging friends will always keep me coming back :-)

    Keep havin FuN!

  8. Hi Sire,

    Actually, that was kind of my point. I have no doubt that there are plenty of people who make a ton of money because they spend hours and hours a day glued to this silly little box. But, does that make them "successful"?

    ... that's the question of the day.


  9. Hi Bobby,

    See my latest post about "finding your niche" ... I love the idea of blogging (or any type of online activity) feeling like a hobby ... something that is done for the pure enjoyment of it.

    That's really the key ... ever since I've been "working" online, I've always said that if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right.

    I'm glad to hear you're having fun. ;-)


  10. I spend WAY too much time reading (as I'm doing now) and not nearly enough time writing. The hours pass, nothing is completed and it's time to go to bed and I'm left with another very unsuccessful day. It's so frustrating. I wish there was a secret to "only spending an hour on the computer" and that I could do it!

  11. Hi Lisa,

    lol, isn't is ironic that I would make a blog post that basically encourages people not to read my blog? :-)

    In all serious though, I do understand completly how you feel. That being said, I wouldn't necessarily consider a day that you don't write to necessarily be "unsuccessful".

    What you're doing (or not doing) now may be frustrating, but don't beat yourself up over it ... at the very least you're learning ... whether it's what to do, or not to do, there's always lessons to be taken away from all of our experiences.

    (and actually, sometimes reading and commenting on other people's blogs can be just as productive as writing content for your own ... backlinks bring more eyes to Your content)

    I think the main point I was trying to make with this post is to make sure that we maintain balance in our lives ...

    I hope this helps,


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