Schofield Rainbow

In addition to sunsets and palm trees, rainbow pictures are instantly recognizable as a symbol of Hawaii.

This morning as I was driving over to Schofield to get some Diet Mt. Dew and a Local Bento, I noticed a little rainbow up over the Waianae mountains. Since my camera was sitting in the seat next to me, I decided to snap off a few shots, just to see what it would look like.


Although I would strongly caution against taking pictures while driving, I think this one came out good enough to qualify as the Hawaii Picture of the Day.

Aloha til tomorrow ...



  1. I LOVE Rainbow pictures. I seem to never have my camera with me when a beautiful rainbow is in the skies over Hawaii. Guess I should just carry it with me all the time :)

    Thanks for sharing this pic today!

    V.Brown's last blog post..Where To Look For A Vacation Rental In Hawaii

  2. @v.brown

    lol, yea I've got 3 cameras and it took me the longest time to realize that they weren't doing me any good sitting home in the closet. Now I always have at least one with me ... usually my little panasonic tz-1 ... but lately I've also been taking my canon 20d with me to work everyday.

    Much easier to remember since I've started doing this Hawaii picture of the day thing.

    Thanks for stopping by. I've seen you on twitter, but I'm almost embarrassed to say that this the first time I've stopped by your blog. I like it ... looks like you have some interesting articles. If I don't get the chance tonight, I'll definitely pop back over tomorrow and leave a comment or two.

    Catch up with you again soon,


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