New Ebay Partner Program Will Kill Build A Niche Store

Update: lol, I'm not going to change the post below, but let's just say that I know believe I was DEAD WRONG. I love BANS ever since I figured out what I was doing wrong.

Don't misunderstand, the tools provided by EPN are a huge improvement over CJ, and will definitely provide some interesting additional ways to promote the program. But if you're really serious about trying to make money with the eBay affiliate program, I definitely believe that BANS is the way to go.

... Just a prediction.

The new Ebay Partner Network launched today ... I just got done signing up.

Not really too much there yet. But, I did find the "Widgets" section to be pretty interesting. See the screen shot:

ebay partner widgets

Basically all of these widgets (and especially that first one) look like they'll allow you to put "live" ebay listings on a blog or websites ... filtered by category or keyword. Essentially the same thing that BANS does.

Here's the thing though ...

When these widgets launch, if I can put the ebay listings within a wordpress blog (a platform that I'm already quite comfortable building sites with), why in the world would I want to have to learn how to to use Build a Niche Store?

Kind of makes me glad that nobody was interested in my domain name giveaway ... I might just end up being able to use those domains after all.


Keep havin FuN!


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