Lorie's Old House in Iroquois Point


Today's Hawaii Picture of the Day is going to be a little bit different. One of my readers, Lorie, left a comment the other day about she used to live here in Iroquois Point. Since she went to the trouble of providing her old addresses, I thought it might be fun to take a quick drive by and snap a "how it looks now" picture.


lol, I felt a little sneaky, and a was just a tad bit worried that somebody might call security on me. But in the end, no harm was done. And the picture above is what Lorie's old house looks like in April of 2008. Enjoy.


p.s. if you're not lucky enough to be here in Hawaii right now, but there's something specific that you'd like to see a picture of, feel free to shoot me a note through the contact form up above. I'll be happy to see what I can do.


  1. You are just the nicest man to do what you did for Lorie today, and me. The picture of our old housr in Iroquois Point hold wonderful memories. We felt blesses to live there with good neighbors and great friends. Lorie's first "girlfriend, age 3, lived across the street and they are still best friends today. The kids use to climb the tree in the front yard. Thanks for the memories. We are your fan club of "2" in SC. Aloha, Carolyn, Lorie's mom

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    No worries. The thrill of seeing your childhood home is a great feeling that's primarily reserved to us military brats.

    I remember a few years ago when I moved back to Hawaii the first time, we lived right across the street from the house I lived in when I was 8. It was so cool to see the tree I climbed, the fence my dad put up, and the old basketball court. It was even more thrilling that my son was going to the same elementary school that I did ...

    lol, until I realized that for many people that's "normal".

    So, what part of SC are you in? I've never been stationed there, but I did get to spend almost 4 months in a Sumter hotel when I was TDY to Shaw at the start of the Iraq ground war.

    If you have any other picture suggestions, feel free to let me know ... otherwise you're quite likely to see a lot more flowers, rainbows and helicopters ;-)

    Talk to you again soon,

  3. Thanks again for the picture of our house in Iroquois Point. The family is getting a great kick out of it. Lorie and her husband celabrated their 20th wedding anniversary yesterday. Lorie was 16 when we left the island, still kicking and screeming..............We live in Lexington county, SC, in the midlands on Lake Murray. Lexington is known for the lake, peaches, strawberries and BBQ. We have great schools, a "Mayberry RFD". My brother is the largest peach and strawberry farmer in the area. We have deep roots in Lexington. We have a family from Hawaii in our community. We met at the ball field, turns out their uncle was MY mailman at Iroquois Point, Gus. Isn't that wild! I enjoy the connections we have with eachother. So, what did you think of Sumter? I think Sumter is about 60 miles from us....... .......................................Keep the pictures coming, maybe the school, the Quick Stop, planes, lagoon, sailboats, night lights of Honolulu, you asked. lol
    We are your biggest fans, Lorie and Carolyn (Mom)

  4. Hi again Carolyn,

    You're very welcome, I like taking pictures ... and your list, is now part of my list :-)

    South Carolina sounds nice. I'm not sure where we will end up eventually (when it's time to retire), but my parents live in FL, and one of my daughters is with here mom in NC, so back to Shaw for a last assignment might not be a totally bad idea.

    When I was there last, I was working 13 hour shifts, and living in a hotel, so I really didn't have a lot of time to form an impression ... other than the fact that it was pretty quiet ... I kind of like that though.

    As for having "fans" ... lol, I'm almost embarrassed ... but I definitely appreciate that you're enjoying my posts ;-)

    I'll catch up with you again soon (feel free to shoot me a note any time).


  5. You know, the house I lived in had fire escapes when I was little. I can't tell you how many times my brother and I were jumping on the bed, for him to fall against the release panel and land in the front yard. Hilarious!!!!

    Thanks for the memories. I can still the monkey pod in front of the elementary school after a rain. Do the tsunami sirens still test on the first Monday of the month. That was terrifying as a small child.

    Last I checked, my kindergarted teacher still worked at the elementary school. I plan on sending her an invitation to my college graduation in three years...I'm only 41.

    Thanks again


  6. That is so cool that you took the time to photograph her house. I do remember the fire escapes as well. My little brother used to sneak out of his during the night and play in the sprinklers, lol. I lived on Ibis Avenue. A two family unit connected in the middle by a carport just off of 102nd St. We used to climb a huge mango tree in our yard, right to the top and sway back and forth. We also used to dig in the big field out back. I remember the parents at the time thought we were actually trying to dig to china lol. Such wonderful memories.

  7. I spent the better half of my teenage years growing up in this housing complex..looking for a site where people that lived there durring the 80's can reunite. Mahalo Chris


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