Iroquois Point Puuloa Four Bedroom Housing

Given the positive reaction to yesterday's post, I thought we'd keep today's Hawaii Picture of the Day in the same "neighborhood".


This is a picture of the outside of our house. We live in the Puuloa section of Iroquois Point; just down the street from the Elementary School and mini-mart. If you look over the top of the house, you can see the big mango tree out in our backyard.

For those of you who have seen this area in the past, you may notice some pretty significant changes. About 2 years ago, Ford Island Housing (the leasing company) planted new grass, and painted the outside of every house in this area. Besides the red trim of our house, there is also Blue, and even one with a green with purple trim (it looks better than it sounds).

It's a 30 year old house, but not terribly different than most military housing ... and the price really just can't be beat.

Hope you are all having a great night ... aloha,



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