HPD Targeting Speeders in April

I just got this in an email at work. Apparently from reliable sources ...


On 4/01/08, the city and county of Honolulu will launch a 30-day speeding
ticket frenzy. The city estimates that 9 million dollars will be generated
in speeding tickets. 1 million will go to pay police overtime. There will be
50 police on duty at all times patrolling the 9 main thoroughfares.

They are the following:

H-3 both directions

H-2 both directions

H-1 both directions

Pali Hwy

Likelike Hwy

Nimitz Hwy

Kalanianaole Hwy

Kam Hwy

Farrington Hwy

Now 5 mph above the limit can justify a ticket and every officer is supposed
to pull a car over and write a ticket every 10 minutes.
They have issued 30
brand new unmarked cruisers and they are bringing all their part timers on
full time.

Not that we shouldn't observe the speed limit all the time, but it looks to me like April would be particularly good time to give our lead foot a rest.

Aloha ...


Update: Woops, apparently my coworker (and me by extension) got duped. It seems this pops up about once a year. There have been a couple of discussions about it on Hawaiithreads.com.

That being said, I have heard some anecdotal evidence that more people do seem to be getting pulled over lately. When it comes to effective traffic law enforcement, maybe rumors like this aren't really such a bad thing.


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